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Posted on May 07 2020

A SAT preparation guide to score perfect points

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
SAT Online Coaching

The dream of graduating abroad leads students to seek opportunities in the best countries offering top-class education. To become eligible to join courses in these countries, students will have to take tests like the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT).

SAT is an entrance exam that helps colleges and universities to make decisions on admissions. It’s a multiple-choice exam done in the pencil-and-paper format. It’s used to determine how prepared a high-school student is to join a particular college in a particular country. This test is created and administered by the College Board.

Do you want to study in the USA? The SAT test is a qualifier for you just as much it is for countries like Australia, the UK, Canada, Singapore, and India. The SAT exam provides a common data point to be employed in comparing the eligibility level of applicants trying to study overseas.

The admission officers in the colleges will review this test’s score along with the high school Grade Point Average (GPA). Factors such as letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and interviews will also be considered. It’s after deliberation on these factors that admissions are granted.

SAT exam has 2 sections: Math and Reading and writing based on evidence. Besides these, there is also an optional section for essay writing. The test is 3 hours long and with an essay, it will get longer by 50 minutes.

Every section of the SAT is scored on a point scale that ranges from 200 to 800. The sum of all sections makes the total score. The most you can score in the SAT exam is 1600 points.

So, how can you prepare yourself to get that score or reach closest to it? Luckily, experienced people who have faced the test have some tips to guide you. Those who have joined SAT Coaching centers may have already got valuable guidance. But we would like to share some tips here.

Choose your SAT practice materials wisely

Only practice makes perfect and it applies to SAT too. So, when you are buying study materials, be particular to choose test-like materials. Only such materials can tell you what the SAT exam really is. Get practice tests rather than elocutions on somebody’s ideas about the test.

Choose your scores with a purpose

If you want to be focused on the test, you must have clarity on how much score is actually needed in your particular case. Different colleges and universities have different SAT score requirements. While there is no harm in aiming for 1600 points, to know your realistic scores will save you the mad rush for the most.

Find and hold on to your motivation

SAT preparation won’t come easy. Hence, a point of motivation is essential to keep you focused and consistent while you practice. Every high scorer in SAT has followed this basic rule to help them stay persistent and determined.

Do not think too much on answer choices

The SAT exam can trick over thinkers into making wrong choices. So, after all the preparation you have done, all you have to do is to think and act logically, with a strategy. This will be key as doubting your answers due to excessive consideration can end up bad for you in the test

So, self-learn and Get the SAT Coaching (the best choice) to ace the test for that perfect score. Train so well with the tips we discussed and get confident to crack the test.

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