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Posted on February 03 2021

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions in UAE – 2021

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Highest Paid Professions in UAE

The United Arab Emirates or UAE has been a popular destination for those looking at an overseas career.

Major industries in the UAE include:

  • Construction
  • Boat building and ship repair
  • Handicrafts and textiles
  • Fishing
  • Petroleum and petrochemicals

The UAE has a range of growth industries including the energy sector needing specialists in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). There is increased demand for tax specialists with the introduction of VAT. Consequently, accountancy and banking students can find many opportunities in the real estate and finance industries.

Here is a list of ten most highly-paid jobs in the UAE for 2021. Check if you have the skills and expertise to apply for them and move to the UAE.

  1. Sales professional

Businesses in Dubai are looking forward to solving the problems of individuals by making goods and applications suited to their needs. But their commodity, if it's not advertised well, is nothing. So, the sales profession, be it medical, insurance or real estate, has become the need of every company.

A sales person can receive a salary of up to Dh10,000 – Dh30,000 in a month.

  1. Medical professional

In the UAE, on average, a doctor receives up to 75,000 Dh. And if you're a neurologist, cardiologist, physician, or therapist, you can raise your earnings to AED 180,000. But to become a doctor in the UAE, you have to undergo 5-6 years of study.

  1. Lawyer

You will receive more than 80,000 Dhs per month as a professional lawyer in the UAE. To handle their legal procedures and protect the company, each company needs a lawyer. In addition, a lawyer may also be expected to manage matters relating to real estate or personal life.

But you need to get a law degree and a minimum experience of 8 years to pursue this career. 

  1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A CFO has full financial responsibility and makes the company's main decisions. A CFO controls the company's budget, expenditure, loss and profit and so qualifies for the highest salary in the UAE.

If you have a passion for numbers and ready to make big decisions, then you're good to go for this work. A highly skilled, experienced CFO can earn up to 70,000 Dhs per month.

  1. Civil Engineer

The UAE is one of the best countries to make your career in civil engineering. The work requires the preparation of the city's infrastructure.

UAE civil engineers receive an average salary of 100,000 Dhs per month. You need to gather a job history of 8 years after joining this career and then you will be able to work with large corporations.

  1. Banker

At the senior level, bank managers and experts are highly active in critical decision-making, acceptance and denial of loans, future investment, and all banking operations. In the UAE, there are over 40 domestic and international banks.

Banking is an ideal career in the UAE, with a salary of up to AED 77,000 per month, giving you great benefits.

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In the UAE, the highest paid workers are the most responsible and CEOs are one of them. Both national and multinational companies in the UAE need them. So, the bigger the company, the higher the pay, i.e., more than 500,000 Dhs. But you need to show that you merit this position by effectively running the company affairs, managing the conflicts and keeping your team together.

  1. Real estate consultant

Since the UAE is the country where people come and settle for their business or work from all over the world, there is a strong demand for real estate consultants. You have the chance to earn more than 90,000 Dhs per month as a real estate consultant.

You need to have a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, and excellent skills in communication and negotiation.

  1. Pilot

One of the UAE's leading industries is the aviation sector. You will earn more than 700,000 Dhs if you're a pilot. It's not a simple task to become a pilot, you have to undergo rigorous training to obtain this title. It will cost you 3 years and at least AED 2 million to do the training.

  1. Teacher

This career provides you with a competitive salary starting at 9,000-15,000 Dhs per month. You can either become a government or private school teacher or you can also opt for administrative positions in schools or universities.



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