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Posted on January 04 2021

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - South Africa

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
highest paid professionals in south africa

Before you make your decision to move abroad for an overseas career, you would obviously like to know the highest paying jobs in the country you intend to migrate to. If you are thinking of finding work in South Africa, here is a list of the ten highest paying jobs in the country.

 In South Africa, the highest paying jobs are in the fields of management, ICT, engineering, medicine etc.

However, salaries in these fields may differ based on the amount of work experience, qualification or the skill levels.

Here is the list of the top ten highest paid professions in South Africa in no particular order.

  1. Software engineer

As companies experience digital transformation, the need for professionals in ICT increases. Startups and big companies are looking for innovative software engineers that will help to improve the company’s computer programs. Software engineers are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of software programs. They usually have a degree in computer science and programming. A software engineer can earn about 1.2 million Rands annually.

  1. IT manager

An IT manager tracks organizational requirements, plans solutions for technology and develops the most cost-effective and productive systems. As the need for efficient technology is on the rise today to boost business operations, there is a greater demand for IT managers and professionals.

They take care of operational requirements, implement strategies, and technology solutions are responsible for building efficient systems.  An IT manager can earn 620 ,230 Rands per year.

  1. Pilot

The job of a pilot is highly technical and requires specialized training. The training takes time and is expensive.  They require specialized skills which is lacking in the local population. So, there is a demand for foreign professionals in this job. The pay for qualified pilots in South Africa comes to 658,000 Rands per annum.

  1. Chartered accountant

A chartered accountant records business transaction on behalf of an entity, reports to management and issues financial statements. They need to have the relevant degree and need skills such as budget management, evaluation and auditing and financial skills. The average salary of a chartered accountant is 434,191 Rands per year.

  1. Actuary

An actuary is concerned with risk and uncertainty assessment and management.

An actuary is a company specialist who addresses the economic effects of risk and uncertainty. About every business is occupied with market and customer information and how it is possible to use the information to their advantage.

You'll need a degree in mathematics to be an actuary. This profession requires a strong background in asset management, liability management, business, and analytical skills. Actuaries can earn about 598,055 Rands per annum.

  1. Specialist medical doctor

In South Africa, specialist medical doctors are in high demand. There are medical practitioners who have completed their advanced medical education. For this occupation, the pay level is dependent on the specialization field, for example, neurosurgeons earn a higher amount of salary while general practitioners are paid less. Depending on their specialty medical doctors can earn between 476,000 to 616,000 Rands in a year.

  1. Petroleum engineer

A petroleum engineer is responsible for locating natural gas and oil reserves under the earth's surface. Petroleum engineering involves intelligence and training and creativity. The annual salary for this profession is about 72,600 Rands.

  1. Management consultant

Management consultants support organizations, mainly by research, to enhance their results.

They do this by analyzing raw data and patterns that can help predict customer behavior, current organizational issues, and also help provide input that can establish progress implementation plans.

They help companies grow and develop by problem solving and discovering new and innovative ways to tackle problems that could support the company. A management consultant can earn between 392,000 and 672,000 Rands per annum.

  1. Lawyer

There is no individual or business entity exempt from legal matters. They need professional legal expertise and advice, and this constantly makes lawyers in high demand.

 Starting salaries are between R643,440 and R655,000 per annum for trained lawyers in South Africa. As they remain one of the best paid jobs in South Africa, this increases with more years of experience and greater expertise.

  1. Air traffic controller

In order to ensure aircrafts remain safe distances apart, air traffic controllers coordinate air traffic movement.

Not too many people are willing to do it as it is one of the most stressful tasks and it would take a significant amount of focus to ensure that at the wrong time no aircraft moves in the wrong lane.

This work requires a lot of focus. The salary for this job is about 583,450 Rands per year.



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