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Posted on January 19 2021

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions in Singapore – 2021

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
highest paid prefessionals in singapore Singapore is situated at the heart of Asia and is one of the prominent business centers of Asia which attracts business investment and inspires companies to set up their establishment here. All this means that the city offers numerous job opportunities especially for those looking at an overseas career. If you are thinking of working in Singapore in 2021, here are the top ten highest paying jobs that you can consider.

1. Specialist medical practitioner

Specialist medical practitioners receive a monthly gross income of $ 18,598. It is their talents, expertise and qualifications that provide them with this rewarding salary. This includes at least five years of medical school and one year of hospital residency.

In Singapore, specialist accreditation must be received from the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB).

2. General Practitioner/Physician

In recent years, Singapore has moved towards preventive and community treatment to meet the demands of a rapidly ageing population. Training of good general practitioners (and family doctors) who bring patient-centered treatment closer to home has become an intensified priority. A general practitioner receives a median gross salary of $17,119 and may either take on the position of family physician after postgraduate training in Family Medicine after completing the Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine or after gaining work experience.

3. In-house Legal Counsel

Lawyers must have had experience in law practice for at least three years (in private practice). Those doing in-house legal advice are often required to have a clear understanding of business, since they need to look after the company's interests while predicting and solving the legal concerns that might arise. Their monthly median income is 14,300 dollars. You must first receive a degree from an approved university to be a lawyer in Singapore. For this, you can undertake four years of Bachelor of Law studies and reach a GPA of at least 3.0. An aspiring lawyer must also pass the Singapore Bar Exam after taking the course and undergo a six-month practice training contract to practice. You must pass the Foreign Practitioner Exams if you are a foreigner wanting to exercise your skills in Singapore after which you can practice both international and Singapore rules.

4. Trade and Ship Broker

Shipbrokers act as intermediaries, helping those who have cargo (charterers) to find ships to carry their goods. They, on behalf of their customers to buy and sell ships. They receive a median monthly salary of about $13,143. In general, there are two types of shipbrokers: 1) Chartering Brokers 2) Sales and Purchase Brokers

5. Foreign Exchange Dealer/ Broker

Singapore has an immense foreign currency reserve and is of great value to Singapore's national economy. A foreign exchange broker in the market buys and sells foreign currencies and must have at his fingertips all the statistics. The monthly gross they earn is $13,000.

6. University Lecturer

On average, university professors earn about $ 12,961. They usually start as assistant professors, work their way up to Associate Professorship, and eventually gain professorship. University professors do more than teach; they are often expected to carry out research, typically presenting their results in conferences or journals and even writing books.

7. Chief Operating Officer

COOs of mid and large-sized companies have a $12,258 monthly gross wage, with many currently making as much as $27,855 in the financial services field! The COO is in 2nd position under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and oversees the company's regular operations.

8. Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Information Officer and the Chief Technical Officer are not the same. In short, the former is a business position that focuses on managing the IT strategy and management of the company, while the CTO is responsible for developing innovations that help the business expand externally (i.e R&D and product development). $11,179 per month is received by CIOs and CTOs.

9. Securities and Finance Broker

A Securities and Finance Broker receives a gross monthly income of $10,608, selling stocks and bonds on behalf of customers. 10. Marine Superintendent Engineer Of all engineers, the highest earners are Marine Superintendent Engineers. They earn up to 10,464 dollars. They could start as a junior shipboard engineer and become a marine superintendent engineer in a period of 4-5 years.



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