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Posted on October 17 2019

Study Abroad: Why, What, and Where

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Study Abroad

Study overseas is all about decisions. The right ones, that is.

When you begin exploring options for study in abroad after 12th, time taken for proper research always pays in the long run.

To begin with, there are some basic criteria that you must have perfect clarity on.

Why do I want to study abroad?

At times, even if the same course is available in our home country, we would rather study overseas instead.

We can have an enriched experience by studying in a different culture. With access to better quality of education, we can greatly expand our professional network, becoming global citizens in the process.

What should I study abroad?

This requires careful thought.

When choosing the course for overseas enrollment, you must try and strike a balance between your tools and resources on one hand, and your passion on the other.

At times, students end up taking courses that their friends might have opted for, regretting the decision later on when they realize that they lack the aptitude for the same.

Also, be very clear as to your ultimate aim in studying abroad. If you have Permanent Residency on your mind, it is better to choose courses that qualify you for a PR later on.

Australia lets you apply for a post-study work visa after the successful completion of your studies. You can Apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) which comes under the Post-Study Work stream.

If getting an Australian PR eventually is on your mind, there are certain courses that can greatly enhance your prospects for the same. Courses that can help you with getting Australian PR include – Engineering, Accountancy, Education and Teaching, Nursing, as well as Computer and Information Technology (IT).

In a major boost to Indians students planning on studying and working in the U.K. post-study, the U.K. has announced a 2-years' Post-Study work visa for international students on September 11, 2019.

Once you are perfectly clear on the ‘what’, it is time to explore the ‘where’.

Where to study overseas?

Popular destinations among Indian students that want to study abroad include –

When you get down to selecting your study abroad destination, you must ask yourself certain questions –

  • How close do you wish to be to your home country?
  • What kind of a lifestyle would you be most comfortable with?
  • Will you be able to adjust to the climate in the country that you are considering?
  • Do you prefer English-speaking countries?
  • Would you be more comfortable in a rural or urban setting?
  • What are the stay-back options after you complete your studies?

Honest answers to the above-mentioned questions can help you in filtering down the options in universities to those that are most suited for you.

Always take the time to do proper research – both from the official websites of the government involved as well as the university under consideration.

Do keep in mind that at times, certain universities might have in place visa requirements of their own. Always check with the right sources.

Taking the time to prepare beforehand can save many a regret later on.

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