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Posted on April 29 2022

Grammar rules to rise your TOEFL score

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

TOEFL is one of the highly opted tests to get into top universities worldwide.

Though the TOEFL test is not directly based on the grammar, they are tightly based on your grammatical skills for writing and speaking sections.

As English grammar plays a vital role indirectly, there are a few grammatical concepts that you need to concentrate on more.

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Usage of correct Verb forms

  • Usage of verbs is a common mistake that many candidates make in the TOEFL test.
  • Choosing the correct verb will make the sentence clear. One mistake in selecting the verb will lead you to lose and lead to a low score. The verb is an important bit of a sentence that signifies the actual work being done.
  • When you cannot choose the verb forms correctly, you will end up making many mistakes that may affect your band score and definitely the admission to your desired university.
  • Concentrate, read and work more on verb forms to generate meaningful sentences and get a good score.

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The correct way of using Adverbs:

  • Understanding the difference between adverbs and adjectives is more critical. Many common mistakes are made while recognizing the adverbs and adjectives.
  • An adverb is a word that describes or gives some more information about a verb, adjective, and adverb.
  • Like verbs, adverbs are also used to make a sentence meaningful.
  • More practice on grammar will fetch you a good score.

Definite article usage: 

  • The usage of the definite article ‘The’ is usually troublesome for many non-English speakers.
  • It is quite confusing and embarrassing to use the word ‘The’ in-between the sentences as fillers sometimes while speaking or writing. It feels awkward when you have confusion about using ‘The’ at which places.
  • The’ can be used between sentences when you already used a word in the sentence.

Example: We are staying in a new house. The house is huge and has good ventilation.

  • Here in the example, we already know about the house we are speaking about, so ‘the’ word should be mentioned.
  • Sometimes ‘the’ is used before nouns that we already know very well.
  • When we already know the thing, place, and or person, it is absolute to use ‘The.’

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Adjectives usage:

  • Adjectives are an aspect of a sentence. Correct use of adjectives will help you crack TOEFL and score high.
  • Understanding which type of adjective is used in a sentence. Distinguish between Positive, superlative, and comparative degrees of adjectives.
  • Read the rules of adjectives and try making out a few sentences; know how to frame a sentence correctly.
  • If there are multiple adjectives in a sentence, they must be in proper order.

The order is

  1. Number
  2. Standard or Quality
  3. Magnitude or size
  4. Structure or shape
  5. Age group
  6. Shade or Color
  7. Citizenship or Nationality
  8. Information or Material

Using present, past, and future tenses: 

  • There is confusion in past perfect continuous tense concepts with the present continuous tense.
  • There are huge mistakes reported while doing the questions based on these.
  • Many people make mistakes in using the present tense (not the future) for clauses like time.
  • Never use the word ‘will’ in referring to the future time clauses.
  • The time clauses are when, while, as, as soon as, until, after before.

Use of suitable prepositions:


  • Using the correct prepositions in a sentence is considered a crucial part of the English language to make the sentence easily understandable.
  • To make the sentence error-free and flawless, always provide the proper prepositions.
  • Though there is no negative marking on the TOEFL test, to gain a good score, use proper –prepositions to get a good high score in TOEFL Test.
  • Use prepositions adequately while framing the sentences. This will improve your writing and reading sentences and help you achieve a good score.

Note: Many other grammatical concepts need to be drilled on to crack the TOEFL test.

They are Run-on sentences, stopping the usage of embedded questions, describing words and plural forms, and using apostrophes, nouns, and pronouns.

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