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Posted on April 21 2022

8 Important Tips to Practice Grammar Effectively for the TOEFL Exam

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Almost 150 countries accept TOEFL Scores in the World for a country's student VISA or to get admission to the University. Many Universities are from countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, France, and Canada. One can write the TOEFL test any time in the year by choosing a test date at least two to three months before you want to write. Out of 120, one should score 100 and above to be considered a good score in TOEFL. Few Universities also consider 85-95 variable scores to fill in the admissions. *Trying for world class coaching in TOEFL? Be one among the Y-Axis coaching batch , by booking your slot today. To get the highest score in TOEFL, you should opt for mock tests to improve vocabulary, Grammar, and Timing. TOEFL scores play a vital role in getting into the University application process. Due to the pandemic, TOEFL test conducting authorities have launched TOEFL at home for candidates for the safety measures. Grammar plays an essential role in scoring well on the TOEFL exam. Proper Planning and preparation will help you do well in all four parts of the exam. Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. A good TOEFL score depends on your ability to speak, read, write, and listening skills. These four sections are graded separately to assess how much you contribute to the total score via each section.
TOEFL Section   Time for each section Number of questions To do Tasks
  Speaking   20 min 6   Express your ideas on specific topics  
Writing     50 min   2   Write essays
Listening 90 min   50   Listen to discussions conversations and answer accordingly.  
Reading     60 min   50   Read the passages and answer the questions  
  *Ace your TOEFL score with the help of Y-Axis coaching professionals. The Speaking and Writing exam sections are considered productive skills, where one can write sentences. Understanding grammar will help you create and write your sentences, where you can accurately express your ideas. Listening and Reading sections are considered receptive skills, where one can understand others' ideas through passages and conversations and express them in your way. If you have a reasonable interpretation of grammar, you can clear the exam without putting much effort. Better use of Test Time can result in a high score. Here are the excellent tips to improve your grammar and clear TOEFL with a good score
  1. Start with the proper rules: Learning appropriate English grammar rules will always clear your thoughts by applying them to different contexts. Always start with easy concepts to complex topics to improve the learning curve. Going through examples and practicing topic-based tests will help understand each concept. Spend more time on your weakest concept to prepare well.
  2. Always practice each rule separately: understanding might give you a good knowledge of the topic, but practicing it thoroughly will help you implement the knowledge with clarity.
  3. Create your own examples with each rule. This kind of exercise will help you write sentences without any mistakes. This will also help you speak good English.
  4. Always do rule-based exercises: Using the rule-based resources available online to practice each rule will ease your attempt at questioning. There are multiple resources available online to practice.
  5. Referring back to the rule book, when in doubt: Practising grammar can generate many queries and sometimes lead to confusion. Always refer back to the grammar rules for learning. Never feel low for committing mistakes in practice tests. Come back and relearn, and then re-attempt. When still in doubt, ask an expert for a better understanding. Always trust a reliable resource for relearning.
*Go through the Y-Axis Coaching Demo Videos to get an idea for TOEFL preparation.
  1. Learn from Mistakes: Mistakes are an integral part of learning. It gives an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn something. Listening to someone or a subject expert will correct your mistakes in speaking and writing. Always reach out to an expert for grammatical precision.
  2. Do not hurry: Learning Grammar cannot be done in one go; it is a long-term goal. Consistently practicing grammar by spending ample time each day will give you persistent results. When you have a short-term goal to finish the test, always cover verbs, tenses, adjectives, nouns, articles, and adverbs first, and then learn the complex topics clauses, active and passive voices, and subjunctives. As the TOEFL exam is practical, going through the contents will not help much. Practice makes one perfect.
  3. Grammar practice is fun-loving: Make grammar practice a fun-loving game. Practicing along with a group of friends can effectively improve your grammar. Look for online TOEFL student groups for training. Follow communication only in English when practicing among groups. Create a game to practice each rule, which will help communicate confidently when in groups. You can have grammar-based fun games available online when you are alone.
The best part of studying is that everything that you learn stays with you even after you take TOEFL Test. The only thing you can do is practice and practice. Willing to study abroad? Talk to Y-Axis overseas career consultant.. Found this article interesting? You may also read... 5 international scholarships to study in London’s business schools


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