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Posted on June 22 2022

Do It Yourself. 8 steps to score high in TOEFL

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023


TOEFL is a widely accepted English language proficiency test that allows you to score well to get admission into renowned universities.

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Tips to get a fantastic TOEFL Score

1.      Practice, Practice, and More Practice

There is no other way to practice more, and only you can score higher.

Do not attempt the test too soon:

  • Prepare for TOEFL by giving some months.
  • If you have already booked a slot, try postponing the test for a few months to prepare.
  • Do not sign up until you are fully prepared.

Prepare a study plan and stick to the plan:

Gather the information about the mock tests you can attempt and make a plan based on it. Always practice tests consistently. Please give a mock test every two weeks.

Make a note of the questions wrong while writing the mock test and concentrate more on that specific topic.

The rest of the time, build your knowledge of general English.

Pretend that you are taking the actual exam

Take the full test whenever you plan to take a mock test. Pretend as if you are giving your actual TOEFL test without keeping the mobile, dictionary, and no help.

Stick to the timer and stop yourself when the time gets finished. This helps you understand time management, and you can learn to handle the stress level. This situation will make you more confident and well prepared for the test.

Find a teacher or friend to get help with speaking and writing:

Though one can practice the reading and listening sections, most of the time, you need to have someone to listen to your speaking to get feedback. If that person is a teacher or friend who is a good English-speaking person, then that will help you fetch get good feedback to improve your English skills.

Go through the Y-Axis Coaching Demo Videos to get an idea for TOEFL preparation.

2.      Know All the Directions or instructions

All language proficiency tests are created so that you have to do the sections (reading, writing, and answering questions) in a limited time and complete the task.

You no longer need to read the directions or instructions by working on many practice tests. As soon as you finish answering a question, click on the continue button and use the remaining extra time to read and answer the passages or review your answers.

Whenever you take the practice tests, make sure that you read the directions carefully and remember them for each section. Follow the directions and get a clear understanding of them.

During the speaking test, provide better reasons and support for the response you give. In short, prove that you know various English words in the speaking test.

3.      Timeline

 If you understand how to use the time per our test, then you don't see it as an enemy. Though you are busy answering the questions, try focusing on the directions that appear on the screen and the clock ticking. Do not spend more time if you cannot answer a few questions. If you can afford it, try guessing the answer.

Practice more on your typing skills while writing mock or practice tests, which maximizes your writing time. During practice tests, check how many correct answers you can get in 5 minutes. Attempt the more straightforward questions to gain more answers in lesser time.  

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4.      Concentrate on Grammar and Vocabulary

In the end, any language is tested based on your vocabulary and Grammar. Vocabulary is words, and Grammar is how well you connect those words.

Make sure you learn everyday few words and expressions. Try making sentences out of them and practice a few tests online based on these words and phrases. This will build an active vocabulary.

Don't forget to induce these words in your writing and speaking tests for practice.

While taking the test, avoid mentioning the words and structures you are unsure about.

5.      Maintain Good Notes

Maintain good notes while practicing reading and listening in your leisure time.

Always break down the information into keywords and symbols to save time while taking a practice test.

Writing in full sentences will take you longer, so try to develop your own style of taking notes that make you understand and answer quickly.

6.      Read, Listen and make notes

You can practice reading academic texts and listening to the lectures or lessons. Always look for the main ideas in the context. Usually, they are marked with discourse markers.

Making notes out of it and giving answers will justify the question to some extent.

7.       Speaking, Writing, and Repeat

To practice speaking and writing, you will need a partner to work with; it can be a teacher or a friend with good English skills.

But this might not be possible for you all the time to have a partner. You can be your own 'reviewer' if you cannot get a partner at any moment.

Record yourself while speaking and listen to yourself. Make a note of your mistakes and ensure you will not repeat the same mistake. Compare your writing with writing samples and make a note of the errors.

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This process will help you self-introspect and repeat the process if you like it.

8.      Work on your approach and your attitude

Every individual faces nervousness before taking the test, which is very common. Some level of stress is also good, do not worry too much. Prove your original English skill levels in the exam.

Try to be calm and confident while taking the test. This stress simulation will not exist if you practice a lot of tests. You will be able to breathe easily while taking the test.

If you have encountered any unfamiliar topics during the exam, do not panic. Try changing your approach to the question. Either you decode it by searching keywords, or you can even give a guess for the answers.

Remember, no one can improve or gain language skills overnight; every day of practice counts.

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