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Posted on May 17 2022

Steps to practice writing TOEFL Test

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Before writing the TOEFL test, the applicant needs to practice well and be acquainted with the test format. Whether documenting the sentences, paragraphs, or any, the applicant must understand certain concepts and have good practice.

Check for follow-up questions while reading materials: Learn composing sentences, short paragraphs, and answers from school or college textbooks or online materials with some exercises. Read your favorite book in English and highlight the problematic words with meaning. Understanding the vocabulary, structure of the sentences, and grammatical features and try implementing them into your writing while practicing. Review your own answers before checking the key for the answers.

Practice writing summary: Summarizing in a short form or less in the number of words is a very good practice before writing the TOEFL test. Always note down the characters or main contents of the article or paragraph, and then based on that, try writing the summary. If you are quoting someone, always use quotation marks and try including the author. For paraphrasing, never use quotations as you rewrite someone’s content.

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Always prepare a list of Topics: Always list potential topics and practice short writing practice essays for the TOEFL test. Choose opinionated and debatable issues. Select the topics that you enjoy and skip those that you don’t.

Brainstorming Ideas: Spend at least 3 minutes brainstorming ideas. Derive angles for each concept and try composing it into whole sentences. Use arrows for connectivity, and don’t take stress on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Once the brainstorming is done, begin with your outline.

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Configure outline: Preparing an outline is a crucial point for any writing process. It helps you to organize the content in your desired order and connect to the main topic logically. For writing an outline, it will take at least 5-7 minutes. Outline, in other understandable words, can be called a list of headlines. While preparing the outline, now think about the grammar, word choices, and spelling. Include the list of sub-headlines or sub-points for each concerned reason.

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Note the topics: Once you are done with configuring the outline, the central part is done. Now you can start writing now. Begin the writing process with a concerned quote, a funny joke, or any short story related to the topic. Always be creative, and then try expanding on the supportive details from the outline. Write down the essay in about 7-10 minutes, followed by the review for 4-5 minutes. Aim to write 300-350 words in 25 minutes, which benefits you during your actual TOEFL test.

Never miss the review of your writing: After finishing the essay, go back and check your article. It takes nearly 5 minutes to review and edit the content. Try concentrating on grammar, spellcheck, and choice of words. Don’t hesitate to strike-off even a whole sentence. Replace with synonyms for the repetition words.

Practice English typing and writing everyday: Try keeping a note of your opinions and experiences or topics in the form a journal. This practice builds confidence and improves your writing ability and makes you feel comfortable writing in English.

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