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Posted on February 01 2022

Canadian PNP: Provincial Draws in January 2022

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024

Nomination by a province or territory in Canada offers an expedited route to Canadian permanent residence.

Canada is made up 10 provinces and three territories. Of these, nine provinces and two territories are a part of the Provincial Nominee Program, commonly referred to as Canadian PNP.

The province of Quebec and Nunavut territory don’t have a PNP program.

Quebec runs its own immigration programs. Nunavut does not have any program for the induction of newcomers into the territory.

What is the Provincial Nominee Program of Canada?
The PNP is for workers that want to settle in Canada and have the work experience, skills, and education to contribute to the economy of a particular province/territory. Those taking the PNP route to Canada PR must have the intention of living within the nominating province or territory after they work and live in Canada as permanent residents.

The provincial and territorial governments part of Canadian PNP have their own individual PNPs in keeping with the specific requirements of their local labour markets.


Each of the PNP pathways or streams targets a specific class of immigrants. A PNP stream can be targeted at – international students, business people, semi-skilled workers, or skilled workers.

By a PNP ‘stream’ is implied an immigration program that targets a certain group of immigrants.

There are around 80 PNP streams available. Certain PNP streams are linked with the federal Express Entry system. A nomination – under any of the Express Entry linked PNP streams – is worth 600 CRS ranking points for an Express Entry candidate.



How to calculate your Express Entry CRS score


What are the Canada PNPs available?

Provinces and territories part of Canadian PNP have their own PNPs  –

Province / Territory PNP
Alberta Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
British Columbia British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)
Manitoba Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
New Brunswick New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)
Northwest Territories Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
Ontario Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
Yukon Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

With its own immigration programs, Quebec is not a part of Canadian PNP.




What is the Canada PNP application process?

The PNP application process will be as per the PNP stream applying under.

An online application process is followed for Express Entry linked PNP stream. Non-Express Entry streams have a paper-based process.

To be eligible for the Express Entry linked PNP streams, an individual must meet the eligibility requirements of the province/territory and must also have a valid Express Entry profile. Such candidates must be eligible for one of the Express Entry programs.

Paper-based process – Non-Express Entry streams Online process – for Express Entry linked PNP streams
·       Apply to the province/territory for a nomination. ·       Must meet the eligibility requirements as laid down by the provincial or territorial (PT) government ·       After you get a PNP nomination, submit a paper application for Canadian permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ·       Pass a medical examination (by an IRCC panel physician) ·       Get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)   Application processing times are comparatively longer than for streams linked with Express Entry.   [1] Before making Express Entry profile ·       Contact the province/territory and apply for a nomination under an Express Entry linked PNP stream ·       If able to secure a nomination, create an IRCC Express Entry profile, mentioning that you have a PNP nomination
[2] After making Express Entry profile ·       In your Express Entry, show the provinces and territories that you are interested in migrating to ·       If you get a “notification of interest” in your IRCC account, contact them directly ·       Apply to the Express Entry linked PNP stream invited under Those nominated will be offered the PNP nomination in their IRCC account, to be accepted electronically by them.

 How many Canada PNP invitations issued in January 2022?

Quebec, the only Canadian province not a part of Canadian PNP, issued 513 invitations in an Arrima draw held on January 13, 2022.

Provincial draws were also held by – British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island.

PNP draws held in January 2022 –

Province / Territory Category/Stream Status Information of draw(s)
Alberta Express Entry 1 draw held January 5 – invitations issued: 250  
British Columbia Skills Immigration (SI), Express Entry BC (EEBC) 6 draws held January 25 – invitations issued: 264 January 25 – invitations issued: 25 (only to NOC 0621, NOC 0631) January 18 – Tech Draw – invitations issued: 91 January 11 – invitations issued: 201 January 11 – invitations issued: 31 (only to NOC 0621, NOC 0631) January 4 – Tech Draw – invitations issued: 102
Manitoba Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream, Skilled Workers Overseas   2 draws held January 27 (EOI Draw #135) – invitations issued: 315 January 13 (EOI Draw #134) – invitations issued: 443
New Brunswick Express Entry No update for this month -
Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry & Other Programs No update for this month -
Northwest Territories - - -
Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities, Express Entry Express Entry & Other Programs   No update for this month   -
Ontario Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream, Skilled Trades (ST) stream, Employer Job Offer (EJO): In-Demand Skills, EJO: International Student stream, EJO: Foreign Worker stream   No update for this month       January 27 – ST – invitations issued: 1,032 January 12 – HCP – invitations issued: 502 January 11 – EJO: Foreign Worker stream – invitations issued: 264 January 11 – EJO: International Student stream – invitations issued: 762 January 11 – EJO: In-Demand Skills – invitations issued: 58
Prince Edward Island (PEI) Labour & Express Entry, Business Work Permit 1 draw held January 20 – invitations issued: 132
Upcoming PEI PNP Draws in 2022 ·       February 17 ·       March 17 ·       April 21 ·       May 19 ·       June 16 ·       July 21 ·       August 18 ·       September 15 ·       October 20 ·       November 17 ·       December 15
Saskatchewan Express Entry, Occupation In-Demand 1 draw held January 12 – invitations issued: 104
Yukon - - -

Note. NOC: National Occupational Classification matrix. NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers. NOC 0631: Restaurant and food service managers.

Other PNP updates


Alberta creates a new immigration pathway for tech workers.

Alberta PNP’s Accelerated Tech Pathway provides expedited processing to foreign workers – currently working or with a job offer – in an eligible tech occupation with an Alberta-based tech industry employer.

Candidates that work in any of the targeted tech occupations might be able to apply for Alberta’s Accelerated Tech Pathway announced on January 13, 2022. To be eligible, a candidate will be required to – (1) have a valid IRCC Express Entry profile, and (2) be eligible for the Alberta Express Entry stream.

What are the occupations eligible for the Accelerated Tech Pathway of the AINP?
NOC 0013 NOC 0112 NOC 0131 NOC 0211 NOC 0212 NOC 0213
NOC 0512 NOC 0601 NOC 1123 NOC 1121 NOC 1223 NOC 2131
NOC 2132 NOC 2133 NOC 2147 NOC 2161 NOC 2171 NOC 2172
NOC 2173 NOC 2174 NOC 2175 NOC 2221 NOC 2232 NOC 2233
NOC 2241 NOC 2253 NOC 2281 NOC 2282 NOC 2283 NOC 3211
NOC 3212 NOC 3219 NOC 4163 NOC 5131 NOC 5241 NOC 7241
NOC 7242 NOC 7246 - - - -

How will applying through the Accelerated Tech pathway benefit me?

The new AINP pathway offers priority processing. In case a work permit is required to work in Alberta, the tech professional will also be issued a Letter of Support from the Government of Alberta.

The first step of the application process is that of completing and submitting the Accelerated Tech Pathway form.


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