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Posted on April 23 2022

All you need to know about Canada’s Super Visa for Parents and Grand Parents

By  Editor
Updated January 04 2024

Super visa of Canada is a temporary visa which helps the Canadians to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. Parents and Grandparents program is a way to provide permanent residency to the parents and grandparents. Super visa is valid for ten years. It is a multiple entry visa. The holders of super visa can migrate to Canada. There is no need to renew the visa.

Many people in Canada want to bring their parents and grandparents, and this was demonstrated through the interest shown by the people in the PGP. In 2020 and 2021, IRCC received the sponsor forms whose number was 200,000. The number is not for the program but for the interest shown by the families to apply for PGP.

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In IRCC inventory, currently, there are more than 35,000 applications for PGP. In the previous years, lottery was held by IRCC, and the step was taken to decide the people who can apply for the program. Critics said that the lottery system is unfair as it may exclude the people who are waiting for years.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser in his words....

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that it may not be beneficial for everyone, but it will include everyone. Other method is first-come first-served basis. This was favorable for those PGP applicants who have a fast internet connection. In 2019, it took less than 11 minutes to fill out the application.

Super Visa does not have any lottery, and it allows the parents and grandparents to migrate to Canada, and they can stay more time in the country in comparison to a visitor visa. Single-entry visitor visa will let the people live in Canada for six months.

If they want to stay for more time, they will have to apply again. Multiple-entry visitor visa has the validity of ten years, and people can stay for six months in Canada at every entry. There is no need to reapply for the visa. Super visa is also valid for ten years as it is a multiple-entry visa and immigrants can live for two years at a time.

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