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Directly connect with the best global employers

Y-Zapping, a state-of-the-art offering from Y-Axis, is a system specifically designed for ‘zapping’ your profile – that is, your resume and cover letter – to top-notch international employers.

All within a matter of seconds.

Our sophisticated distribution service makes use of the latest cutting-edge technology.

Whether you are exploring ways to work abroad after higher studies, having a mid-career shift, or looking for new overseas prospects at a senior level, Y-Zapping can be an effective tool to make working abroad a reality for you.

As jobs are assorted and range across industries, Y-Zapping can prove to be the ideal launchpad for a brilliant career overseas.

Exploring the best ways to work abroad?  Y-Zapping comes to your aid. That too, in an easy and streamlined do-it-yourself [DIY] format.  

Get your resume directed to the leading companies and top employers across the world in a matter of seconds.

Zapping services provided by Y-Axis are designed to provide leverage to the employees by showcasing their profile to the highly sought-after employers globally, even before a job is posted.

Go public with your resume. Send in your cover letter and resume to the employer of your choice. All on your own, depending on your goals, background, and available openings.

Envision a scenario, your CV is already in the recruiter database of an international employer. They come up with a vacancy appropriately suited for your profile. Before you know it, you are found and are well on your way to claim the job posting. The job, meanwhile, is never posted.

Y-Zapping can work wonders for you, even if you are not actively looking for a job.

Expand your career horizons and take advantage of our global job assistance platform in the international market.

Explore the “global exposure” that your resume deserves and reach out to the dream job on the other side of the world. Let Y-Zapping assist you in materializing your overseas career dream into a reality.

Your resume is a hidden treasure. 

Showcase your treasure to those who can put the right value to it.

Be seen even before they start looking.

Avail the Y-Axis Advantage. Learn how to showcase your profile to the industry-leading employers globally, even before a job is posted.

Extensive as well as exclusive, Y-Axis database is updated on a regular and ongoing basis with information on various companies, recruitment agencies and consultancies. Thereby, ensuring that your resume gets the utmost visibility and exposure.

Through Y-Zapping, your profile is forwarded to multiple employers.

So, how does it work? Let’s find out.

Y-Zapping basic step-wise process

STEP 1: Get your CV and Cover Letter ready.

STEP 2: Choose the country you want your profile zapped to.

STEP 3: Select the industry.

STEP 4: Take your pick from the client type, that is, an end client or a recruitment firm.

STEP 5: Select the data and send.

Y-Zapping versus applying for jobs online

Applying online


A more generalized process.

Choose recruiters in your target city or country.


10+ countries available in the Y-Zapping database.


Floating resume to all employers in a random manner.


Choice of selecting industry-wise data.

Sending in a resume to all the companies.

International companies categorized into –

·         Direct employers

·         Placement firms

·         Recruitment agencies



Y-Zapping benefits
  • Profiles zapped as per the specific industries. Hence, a profile of IT professional someone will be sent only to IT domain employers.
  • A personalized resume and cover letter is shared directly with the employers, thereby saving the time required for filling in long forms for the same.
  • If the employer has a particular job opening, the first preference will be given to profiles already present in the database.
  • The chances of a candidate securing an opportunity through Y-Zapping will be much higher as the information is already stored in the employer’s database.
  • The main USP of Y-Zapping is that the profile of the candidate is directly reflected in the employer’s database and stored for 6 months. Chances of getting responses and interviews will be comparatively much higher than usual or expected under the regular networks.


Why Y-Zapping fits the bill
  • Get discovered by the best employers in the international market
  • Hassle-free and streamlined system
  • No long-time web search for finding contacts
  • Timely entry of your CV in the database
  • Independent and self-driven process
  • No requirement of being tech savvy
  • Purchase the product online
  • Synched with the Gmail account of the applicant
  • Can directly select the ‘directories’, that is, the companies that they want their resume to be zapped to
  • To be charged as per the price of the individual directories selected
  • Get your pick from any country and any industry
  • Up to 4 countries can be selected


Y-Axis Advantage
  • Data available for a longer time
  • The data is categorized and sorted according to an individual’s domain as well as convenience
  • The resume and cover letter are crafted as per the international market’s standards, updated accordingly in keeping with the market demand
  • Multiple directories available
  • Database at your reach, at your time, at your convenience
  • Database of the best from across the world
  • Industry-wise segregated data for you
  • Country-wise segregated data for you
  • No waiting for someone to do it for you
  • Draft the cover letter/Resume the way you want it to be
Do I have to come personally to the Y-Axis office for Y-Zapping?

No requirement of visiting in person.  You can easily purchase the product online.

Is there a limit on countries that I can select for Y-Zapping?

Up to 4 countries can be selected by the applicant for their resume to be zapped under Y-Zapping.

How can Y-Zapping help me?

Be seen by employers as soon as they get an appropriate vacancy. Be present in the employer’s database much before the job posting is even contemplated.

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