IEC (International Experience Canada) Visa Requirements, Fees ✅

Avail the Opportunity to Travel and Work in Canada


The International Experience Canada, commonly referred to as the IEC, provides youth with an opportunity of travelling to and working in Canada.

Those eligible for the IEC are placed into the IEC pool of candidates.

The pools for the 2021 season are currently open.

While Canada has in place temporary travel restrictions in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still travel to Canada under IEC, provided you have a current, valid job offer.

Do ensure that you meet the requirements for the IEC and can enter Canada.


There are 2 ways of applying for the IEC of Canada, depending on the country that you are a national of.

(1) Countries with an IEC agreement with Canada

To be able to apply under the IEC, your country (that you hold the citizenship of) must have an agreement with the Canadian government, allowing you to apply for an IEC work permit.

Countries with an IEC agreement with Canada


Austria Belgium Canada


Costa Rica


Czech Republic

Denmark Estonia France Germany


Hong Kong Ireland



Korea (Rep.)




Mexico Netherlands New Zealand



San Marino

Slovakia Slovenia




Taiwan Ukraine


(2) IEC through a Recognized Organization (RO)

If your country is not on the list of countries eligible for the IEC, you can use a recognized organization instead.

Those from an IEC country or territory don’t have to use an RO.

An individual that is not from an IEC country/territory can only come to Canada through the IEC if they use a Recognized Organization for the same.


ROs for the IEC are –

Name of RO Target Market Eligible to


Youth aged 18 to 30

·         IEC countries/territories

·         Brazil

·         India

GO International Youth aged 18 to 35

·         IEC countries/territories

·         the U.S.

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)

Youth aged 18 to 35

·         IEC countries

·         other IAESTE country partners

International Rural Exchange (IRE)

Youth aged 18 to 35 IEC countries/territories only

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)

Youth aged 18 to 35 IEC countries/territories only


Youth aged 18 to 35 IEC countries/territories only

SWAP Working Holidays

Youth aged 18 to 35

·         IEC countries/territories

·         the U.S.

University of British Columbia

Youth aged 18 to 35

·         IEC countries/territories

·         Brazil

·         China

·         Iceland

·         India

·         Pakistan

·         Singapore

·         the U.S.

University of New Brunswick

Youth aged 18 to 30 IEC countries/territories only

Youth service organizations offering work and travel support to the youth, ROs can be either for profit, non-profit, or educational.

Most of the ROs for the IEC charge a fee for their services.

IEC Pools

There are 3 different pools of travel and work experiences available under the IEC.

An individual might be eligible for more than 1 pools.

IEC pools –

  1. Working Holiday: Open work permit for Canada. Fund your vacation with temporary work in Canada.
  2. Young Professionals: Employer-specific work permit. Gain Canadian professional work experience for being able to better compete in a global economy. Self-employed work not considered.
  3. International Co-op (Internship): Employer-specific work permit. Gain valuable overseas work experience related to your field of study.

An invitation to apply [ITA] must be received by the candidate before they can submit their application to the IEC.

While dependents are not eligible for accompanying an individual to Canada under the IEC program, they might apply to visit Canada, study abroad in Canada, or work overseas in Canada.

An Overview of the Application Process

STEP 1: Meeting the IEC Eligibility Criteria

  • Complete the “Come to Canada” questionnaire, and get your personal reference code.
  • Create an account with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC].

STEP 2: Profile submission and Canada work permit application

  • Submit your profile. Choose the IEC pool that you intend to be in.
  • Those receiving an ITA via their IRCC account will have 10 days for beginning their application.
  • Once a Canada work permit application has been started, 20 days will be available for completing and submitting it.
  • [For Young Professional and Co-op categories only] During that 20-day period, their employer will have to pay the employer compliance fee through the Employer Portal.
  • [For Young Professional and Co-op categories only] Once the fee is paid, their employer would send you an offer of employment number. This will be required for applying for a work permit for Canada.
  • Uploading all supporting documents.
  • Paying fees online through IRCC account.

STEP 3: Biometrics

If required, a biometric instruction letter (BIL) will be sent to the individual – via their IRCC account – after they submit their application.

30 days are given, upon receipt of the BIL, for the submission of biometrics at a Canada Visa Application Centre (VAC).

STEP 4: IEC Work Permit Assessment

  • Assessment may take up to 56 days. Additional documents might be asked for.
  • IRCC to send a Port of Entry Letter to the applicant’s account.
  • This letter as well as the job offer confirmation letter must be brought by the individual with them to Canada.

STEP 5: Travel to Canada

  • Be aware with the latest quarantine measures in place for Canada.
  • Download the ArriveCAN app for providing mandatory travel information.
  • Expert guidance
  • Dedicated support
  • Assistance with the documentation
Are Indians eligible for IEC?

India is not on the list of countries eligible for the IEC. However, nationals of India can apply for the IEC through IEC Recognized Organizations such as AIESEC Canada, and University of British Columbia.

Can I bring my dependent with me to Canda on my IEC visa?

No. Dependents cannot be included on an IEC visa application.

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