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Y-Axis delivers all the immigration essentials right on your desktop for free!

Y-Axis, the world's No.1 overseas immigration consultant, is recognized worldwide because of its genuine services to its clients. It is also well-known as the leading provider of timely and accurate overseas immigration information. You can now get the information directly to your desktop through 'Y-Axis Free Immigration Webinars.' Our renowned immigration speakers will provide you with an accurate answer to immigration queries. They will give you an accurate picture of immigration, ranging from the basics to the latest advances related to immigration reform.

How to attend the Y-Axis Free Webinars?

You can register quickly to ensure your attendance. Just enrol your details by clicking register for free. You are also free to suggest a special topic for our Free Immigration Webinars.


Learn the ins and out of the immigration process from Y-Axis experts.

Y-Axis Free Webinars
Who will resolve my queries

Who will resolve my queries?

Immigration experts with 25+ years of experience will answer all your queries.

UK & Canada webinars are moderated by Mr. Clint Khan, Director, Y-Axis UAE

Australia webinars are by RMA (Australia Government Registered Migration Agents)


USA webinars are by EdUSA advisors trained by U.S. Embassy.

What will I gain if I attend Y-Axis free webinars?

Y-Axis brings immigration information to the public for free! 

You can hear from our professionals who are registered immigration agents in India, Dubai, and Australia. These webinars help you to:

  • Accelerate your job search in countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, etc.
  • Detailed information about immigration to countries like AustraliaCanada, the UKGermany etc.
  • Easily achieve your professional goals in the countries you wish to migrate to.
  • Get your doubts clarified with in-depth details about immigration.
  • Provide information that helps you to make an informed choice about the best way to migrate.
  • Q&A time with a specialist consultant for that visa.
  • Hear from professional associations and other service providers about what you require to work in Canada.
  • Learn how associations can help you accelerate your job search efforts and achieve your professional goals in Canada.
  • Check your Eligibility for free

Who will resolve my queries