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Why an MBA in Ivey Business School?

Ivey Business School or as it is popularly known as Ivey, is a business school at the University of Western Ontario. It is situated in London, Ontario of Canada. The school offers full-time HBA or undergraduate courses, MSc, MBA, and Ph.D. programs.

It has teaching facilities in Toronto as well as Hong Kong for the Executive Education and the EMBA programs. It is known for establishing Canada’s first MBA and Ph.D. study programs in business. This business school is a good choice to pursue MBA in Canada.

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Ivey-First in Many Things

The school was started in 1949, when the Western University created a separate faculty of School of Business Administration. Ivey was the first business school in North America to establish a campus in Hong Kong that offers an EMBA program in Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute in 1998.

Ivey is also the first business school in North America to offer the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education.

Why Go for MBA in Ivey?

At Ivey, what you learn is as important as how you learn it. The Ivey Case-Method Learning instills effective skills for decision-making that stays with you even after you graduate from the study program.

You get to learn from and with the best. You get to learn more than the course material of your MBA program. Case-Method Learning is more effective when you and your faculty member contribute respective diverse experiences and perspectives in the class.

At Ivey, it is believed that knowledge is necessary, but it needs more for a successful career. The school pushes you to learn when and how to apply the concepts you have learned. This is done to ensure rapid progress in your career.

An MBA degree from Ivey opens avenues to a broad range of leadership opportunities that make you grow if you want to bring a change in your career or advance in your existing one.

You can learn to move ahead with influential connections. As an MBA graduate from Ivey, you will have access to one of the prestigious networks of alumni in Canada and across the globe.

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MBA Programs in Ivey

Here is an overview of the MBA programs at Ivey:

  1. Full-Time MBA

This MBA program is an action-oriented and learning experience structured to speed up your success in the field of business management. Their approach is case-based, and helps you learn what you would learn sitting in a lecture and even more. You are required to analyze the given data, develop an alternative way to process it, and present and defend your suggestions.

At Ivey, it is acknowledged that doing your MBA and time away from working affects your income. The MBA program at Ivey is for one year rather than two years. It minimizes the opportunity cost you would bear while offering a world-class package of the acute curriculum. It will help you achieve your goals in career and help you join the workforce as soon as possible.

You get to work with a highly efficient and experienced team in career management to prepare for the jobs after you complete your MBA study program and help in your long-term career.

Requirements for Admission in Ivey:

Here are some things you need to have to better your chances for admission in Ivey.

  • GMAT or GRE score
  • Résumé
  • IELTS score
  • TOEFL score
  • 2-3 reference letters
  • 3 essay questions
  • Application fee of 150 CAD
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong Academic Record – A GMAT score of at least 600 or equivalent GRE score
  • Quality Work Experience – At least two years, full-time work experience

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  1. Accelerated MBA

Ivey’s Accelerated MBA is completed in 14 months. The program facilitates you to pursue the MBA degree program, while being part of the workforce. It is specifically aimed at working professionals who have an undergraduate business degree.

The course does not require any GMAT scores.

Requirements for Accelerated MBA Program:

These are the following requirements of this study program:

Complete business undergraduate in:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  •  Work experience of 2-10 years
  • Potential of leadership


  1. MBA Direct for HBAs

The MBA Direct for Ivey HBA Graduates starts in July. As a recent Ivey HBA graduate, expand your career options by earning an MBA degree in only eight months without having to write the GMAT.

HBA stands for Honors Business Administration and is an undergraduate degree.


  • Two years of work experience
  • Resumé
  • Two professional references
  • Transcripts
  1. Executive MBA

The EMBA program at Ivey is designed for management professionals wanting to advance in their careers. Here are a few highlights of the study program:

  • It is a 15-month-long study program.
  • It is situated in Toronto for convenience.
  • Classes are held four days a month
  • A GMAT score is not required.


  • Evidence of leadership and interpersonal skills, commitment, innovation, and maturity.
  • An undergraduate degree is helpful but not mandatory.
  • Two reference letters
  • Required GMAT scores
Fee Structure

The fee structure of the MBA program is given as follows.

School Ivey
Duration One Year
Total Tuition $120,500
Supplies & Fees* $5,320
Living Expenses** $22,500
Program Cost Sub-Total $148,320

The acceptance rate of the Ivey Business School is approximately 8 percent.

The scholarship in the business school range from $10,000 to $65,000. There are no specific criteria for the scholarship, but every student applying for Ivey Business School needs to fill the section of scholarships in the online MBA application for admission.


Renowned companies like Amazon, Apple, BMW, and many others recruit from the business school of Ivey.

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