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What are the skills that can Robot-Proof your Overseas Career?

Posted on January 9, 2019
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What are the skills that can Robot-Proof your Overseas Career

Being equipped with required tech skills is crucial to Robot-proof your overseas career even as AI and automation transform the way businesses are carried out. Smart business leaders are aware that not all positions can be automated. This is even while 50% of the employers claim that automation can result in a severe decrease in their workers.

Automation and AI need not necessarily result in mass joblessness. However, employers must assist their workers to restructure their skills with automation in mind. One of the studies has revealed that a mere 5% of the positions can be automated completely. This indicates that employees must not fear being replaced. They must, on the other hand, streamline their skill sets.

At present 20% of the work proportion can become obsolete as a result of automation. This is not a bad aspect. Opportunities for meaningful and powerful synergies can be set up. This is through human soft skills like leadership abilities and emotional intelligence. It must be coupled with the dependability of AI.

We can focus on the work that really matters by diverting our attention from repeatable and mundane tasks. It is for good reason that creative planners and human customer service representatives have fewer chances of automation. A lost can be learned from the demands of these roles for making other careers invaluable, as quoted by the CMS Wire.

Offering a pathway to workers out of automation is crucial to a successful transition. They must be offered paths to management and opportunities for mentoring. The employees must also be offered access to courses that can retrain them in fields that are unlikely to be automated.

Students aspiring for an overseas career must be guided to opt for training pathways that result in stable and long-term careers. This could include Computer Programming, Robotics, and Engineering. At the end of the day, all that AI and machinery will need a human to be built.

The differentiating human element to that of robots can be the key to making your carer robot-proof. This will require working on communication skills and diversification of resumes. Equip yourself with skills that cannot be replaced by a robot.

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