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UK Job Market adds 313,000 jobs in Q2 – 2018

Posted on August 20, 2018
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UK Job Market

The UK Job Market added 313,000 jobs in Q2-2018 over the previous year. This is according to the latest estimates of the Labour Force Survey. The labor market in the UK had 32.39 million people in April- June period. This was an increase of 42,000 over the January-March period.

The Labour Force Survey has revealed that the number of people in work increased in both Q1 and Q2 2018. There was also a decrease in the number of unemployed people in the UK, as quoted by the ONS GOV UK. However, the percentage of people who were economically inactive also increased. This was in the age group 16 – 64 years not available to work or not seeking work and not working.

The rate of employment in the UK in Q2-2018 remained unchanged at 75.6% same as for Q1-2018. It is the percentage of working people in the age group 16-64 years. But it was higher than the Q1-2017 at 75.1%.

780,000 people were employed in Q2-2018 in their main job on ‘0-hours contracts’. This was not adjusted seasonally and 104,000 lesser than Q2-2017. 1.36 million Unemployed people were present which was 65,000 lesser than Q1 – 2018. It was also 124,000 lesser than Q2-2017.

The rate of unemployment in the UK was 4.0%. It has not been lower after 1974 December to 1975 February. 8.73 million People in the age group 16-64 years were economically inactive in Q2-2018. This was an increase of 77,000 over Q1-2018 but a decrease of 31,000 over Q2-2017.

The economic inactivity rate was 21.2% in Q2-2018. It was higher than the Q1-2018 at 21% but lower than the rate in Q2 – 2017 at 21.3%.

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