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Top 5 things to get ahead in your overseas career

Posted on March 27, 2019
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More often than not, it is consistent small steps that lead to big accomplishments. Here we present the 5 things you must do daily to progress in your overseas career:

  1. Step outside of your comfort region

This is a habit that you must cultivate very early in your overseas career. It will pay rich dividends gradually. This need not be a big and drastic step each time you come out of your comfort zone. But, it must become a habit.

  1. A side project

If you do not have a side project you definitely need one. It could be something like hand-making jewellery or creative thing like running a blog. Working on a side project will keep you productive and inspired. This is without overdoing at your job.

  1. Keep up-to-date resources and lists

Resources here mean your personal assets like Resume, LinkedIn page, cover letter, portfolio website, and relevant social media. This will keep your developing goals and skill set in front of your mind. It will also save much time while applying for fresh opportunities.

  1. Network

Make networking a habit and this is the easiest way to overcome how daunting many people find it to start off with. You must network with the intention of establishing a long-term relationship. This is the best approach to use your network for your gain, as quoted by the Sporteluxe.

  1. Rest

You need to schedule time for rest in your life to prevent the usual dramatic extreme. This is between being utterly and completely lazy and doing too much work.

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