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Top 10 Resume tips for an Overseas Job application

Posted on March 23, 2019
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Resume tips

The process of an Overseas Job application has never been easy. It is a complex, nerve-wracking and time-consuming process. Here we present the top 10 Resume tips for an Overseas Job application:

Create an international resume:

You must be really careful here. Spend time researching the exact format for a specific nation. The UK will require you to write a CV – overview of the entire career of the applicant. However, the US requires a Resume – a brief outline of the applicant’s skills relevant to the position.

Attention to the job description:

Take some time to assimilate all the details in the job description. Check if you possess most of the desired experience for the position. Otherwise, move to a more relevant position.

Keep it straightforward:

Your Resume must be catchy, truthful and easy-to-read. You will have to use the best resume font and size. Example: Sans Serif Size 10. Pick the style of the Resume wisely that represents you best.

The summary sentence:

Your task here is to convince the company that you are the perfect match for the job. Another thing that needs to be highlighted here is your previous goal. 2 to 3 sentences are adequate and do not go for a long-winded explanation.

Discover the appropriate length:

The US format mandates that the Resume must be 1 page long. It must be precise, crisp, and relevant to the position. It can be extended to 2 pages if you have 15+ years of experience. The format is more flexible for the rest of the world and the general standard is normally 2 to 4 pages.

Understand the usage of a photo:

The Asian and European nations mandate the usage of a photo in the Resume. However, it is traditionally avoided in the UK and the US.

Education and global work experience:

The challenge here will be the amount of information that a specific nation expects to be shared. The US is a good example here. The Resume here normally has data only regarding the Graduate Schools and Universities, as quoted by the Help Go Abroad. 

Personal details:

The divergence here involves cultural aspects. In high contact cultures like the European or Asian, applicants include their nationality, gender, age, and marital status commonly. It will be really odd however in the US.

The cover letter:

For those who wish to be represented as active workers and problem solvers, creating a cover letter is a sure-fire choice. It demonstrates the performance of the candidate in action to the Hiring Manager.


This professional networking platform is the best choice in the process of an Overseas Job application. It offers details of your skills and professional activity. The recruiter also gets an inside view of your preferences and interests. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

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