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The top 5 steps that can future-proof your overseas career

Posted on January 5, 2019
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The top 5 steps that can future-proof your overseas career

Ines Temple the Best-selling author and Career transition coach along with other career experts have recommended top 5 steps that can future-proof your overseas career:

Evaluate your current level of being future-proof:

The first step in enhancing the resiliency of your overseas career is determining your current position, said temple. Those who love what they do are the most prepared to evolve, she adds. This is because they are more often ready to go that extra mile for continuing to it.

Lifelong learning

Temple says that employees must be proactive in updating their skills to remain ahead of the dynamic needs of the marketplace for talents. This ability to learn and use discretion was and will remain crucial for success, adds Career transition coach.

Do not stop networking:

Professional relationships are stronger when they are developed on mutual interest than immediate needs. Those who take a break from networking endanger some of their existing relationships. They can also lose their skills for networking.

Develop soft skills:

Strong interpersonal skills are often needed to build a network. Temple says that this is extremely scarce in the majority of present-day workers. We must work on our charisma, warmth, and energy we give to people. It is because these aspects really make a difference. This is between those who do not have prospects for better career and those who have, added Temple, as quoted by the Fast Company.

Get mentored:

Mentors can use their experience to assist mentees in navigating the fast-paced landscape in the job market. They can also help in developing some of the crucial soft skills in an environment of low pressure.

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