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What is the error committed by 64% of overseas job seekers?

Posted on January 4, 2019
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error committed by 64% of overseas job seekers

The latest survey by Zip Recruiter the online job hub has revealed that 64% of the overseas job seekers accept the first salary figure quoted to them. The inexperienced and first time younger groups of job seekers are most likely to commit this blunder. They are not alone. Around 60% of the experienced workers in the age range of 54 to 45 agreed that they also did not seek higher pay.

Labor Economist for Zip Recruiter Julia Pollak said that is not likely that a job offer will disappear due to negotiating.  Majority of the employers say that negotiating conveys confidence of the candidate in their own abilities. It is also in their feeling of worth, added Pollak.

Glassdoor the Job site learned that the average US worker was paid lesser by 13.3% or 7, 528 $. This was through the analysis of its salary database in 2018. The overseas job seekers who ask for a hike in pay enhance their first salary by an average of 5,000 $. This was revealed in the study published by the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

All promotions in the future and raises for cost-of-living will be based on the starting salary figure. It thus becomes evident that the loss is not limited to just 5000 $, as quoted by the CNBC. Owing to this multiplying effect, even a negotiation successful in small yearly hike can be crucial.

An example is offered by Zip Recruiter through its calculations. A person negotiates salary to 45,000 $ from 40,000 $ and enjoys a yearly growth rate of 5% over a career spanning for 45 years. This individual can earn around 750,000 $ plus in the lifetime than if they would have with the first offer.

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