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Taiwan gives nod to bill to attract skilled overseas workers

Posted on April 22, 2017
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Skilled Migrants The Taiwanese Cabinet on 20 April gave a go-ahead to a draft bill, which will ease the rules for Highly Skilled Overseas Workers in order to attract Skilled Migrants for the government’s ‘Asian Silicon Valley’ plan.

The draft bill would ease the administrative controls on residence and work permits, internships, healthcare, taxation and retirement benefits.

The bill has been devised to attract three categories of workers: general specialists such as freelancers, teachers and artists; specialists in certain fields such as economics, science, culture, sports and others; and university professors, talented professionals, Olympic medalists and sports coaches.

Lin Chuan, Taiwanese Premier, was quoted by Taipei Times as saying that the driver to move ahead with the project of ‘Asian Silicon Valley’ was to welcome talented foreigners and come up with a creative environment for the citizens of Taiwan.

Foreign talents would be issued ‘Employment Gold Cards’, which would include a four-in-one accommodation and work permit that comprises a resident visa, a re-entry permit, an alien resident certificate and a work permit that lets foreign workers switch jobs without the need for the consent of their employers.

With the act, the residency period for foreign employees would be extended from three to five years and abolish a rule that mandates workers with permanent residencies to reside in Taiwan for a minimum of 183 days every year.

In addition, family members of these workers would be offered a one-year resident visa and they would be permitted to work in Taiwan.

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