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Overseas Career gives an exponential boost to workers’ salary

Posted on November 26, 2018
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Overseas Career

Overseas Career has been a constant trend among aspiring Immigrants. Better economy, the standard of living, studying and work pattern are the reasons behind it. However, a recent survey by HSBC Expat shows that an Overseas Career also boosts their salary exponentially. An average Overseas Worker adds $21,000 to their annual salary when they migrate.

As reported by employeebenefits.co.uk, the survey was carried out on 22,318 Overseas Immigrants across 163 countries. It reveals that 45 percent of Immigrants earn more money for doing the same work abroad. Also, 28 percent has received promotion which nearly doubled their salary back home.

Switzerland ranks highest on the list for the biggest salary package. It offers an average salary increase of $61,000. The USA comes second on the list. It offers Overseas Workers an annual average of $185,119. Hong Kong takes the third position with $178,706. China has jumped to the fourth position this year. It’s offered average salary has increased from $134,093 to $172,678.

John Goddard, head of HSBC Expat was quoted as saying that moving Overseas brings a lot of complexity. An Overseas Career surely brings a massive rise in workers’ salary. However, choosing the right bank for savings is very important. For that, Overseas Workers should seek expert advice. They need to find the best way to transfer money internationally, he added.

The survey further suggests that the UK and USA are the best places for Overseas Workers to migrate. An Overseas Career in the UK can help them pick up new skills. These two countries provide Overseas Workers with a good environment to up-skill themselves. However, the fast-paced working environment is often deemed stressful.

Thailand is a country which can make Overseas Workers content with the work culture. 53% of Immigrants have confirmed the same. Workers pursuing Overseas Career in New Zealand are happy because the commuting journey is short.

Goddard added that an Overseas Career can unlock creative potential in workers. Also, it gives them the work-life balance they’ve been craving for. However, he emphasizes the need of getting their finances in order before they move. It would reduce the initial stress of moving Overseas.

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