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Occupations and average salaries for Canada – 2018

Posted on February 2, 2018
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Canada Work Visa

Canada offers quite high salaries to immigrant workers who possess the right skills and look for jobs at the right places. The pay package will suffice to quickly pay off student loans and start a life in Canada. Nevertheless, the tough competition mandates that the skills must be on the high end of your profile. This can be through volunteer work or part-time jobs. Relocating to destinations that offer good salaries is also a viable option, as quoted by the Slice CA.

Below mentioned are a few entry-level jobs that offer best starting salaries as revealed by the Workopolis.

IT Business Analyst:

The average annual salary for an IT Business Analyst in Canada is between $97,000 and $46,000. It is a fast-paced career. Some of the best places for tech startups are Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Financial Advisor:

The starting salary for a Financial Advisor will be in the range $70,000 to $35,000 annually. High numbers of jobs for these professionals are in British Columbia and Ontario.

Registered Nurse:

The average yearly pay package for a Registered Nurse will be between $88,000 and $45,000. It is one of the high-demand Canadian jobs. It is actually anticipated that Canadian job market will have a scarcity of registered nurses in the future years.

S.NO. Occupations Annual salary in CAD
1 Senior Managers 85,000
2 Accountants 66,000
3 School Teachers & College Lecturers 53,000
4 Electronics, Telecommunication & Electrical Engineers 87,000
5 Industrial, Mechanical & Production Engineers 68,000
6 Chemical & Material Engineers 77,000
7 Civil Engineering Professionals 83,000
8 IT Professionals 75,000 to  85,00
9 Nurse & General Physicians 89,000
10 HR Professionals 81,000
11 Restaurant Managers, Supervisors, Chefs & Cooks 32,000
12 Admin Managers & Supervisors 58,000

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