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Japan will ease rules for Business Manager Visas

Posted on August 23, 2018
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Business Manager Visas

Japan will shortly ease eligibility criteria for Business Manager Visas with the aim of attracting greater numbers of overseas entrepreneurs. As of now, the applicants of this visa need to possess physical office space in Japan for business. From early September, business owners renting shared space for office will also be eligible.

Overseas nationals can find it tough to set up an office in Japan, as quoted by the Asia Nikkei. This is owing to heavy rents or in some cases the need for a guarantor in Japan. Several overseas entrepreneurs would like to utilize shared office spaces in Japan. This is not only to save funds but also for networking and mingling with peers.

Immigrants inclined to launch a business in Japan must possess a Long-term Visa for this. Otherwise, they must apply for the Business Manager Visa. There are certain eligibility conditions that must be fulfilled by the applicants of this visa. In the majority of the cases registering a firm with a minimum 5 million Yen is required. This is prior to applying for the Visa.

Applicants of the Business Manager Visas must ensure in advance that they are eligible for the same. Because registering a firm is technically possible even if the visa requirements are not met. However, it will not be possible to run a firm without having the required Japan Visa.

In some cases, immigrants may not qualify for the Business Manager / Investor Visa. This could be due to diverse reasons including inadequate funds. The alternatives for them would include identifying other investors or Japanese partner. They can then apply for another category of visas such as “Engineer” or “Specialist in International Services / Humanities “.

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