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How can you benefit from working abroad?

Posted on December 3, 2018
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Working in a foreign country can be an incredible career experience. The benefits you reap from working abroad can entirely reshape your personality and perspective.

Living abroad increases your clarity of self-concept. The Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes published a study in May stating the same. Since you better understand yourself you are able to make better career decisions.

When working at home, you are mostly surrounded by people who behave in similar ways. So you usually never question yourself if your behavior is a reflection of your core values. However, when you live abroad, newer beliefs and values force you to re-examine your behavior and values.

Working abroad can help you develop a clearer sense of self. It can help you identify the values that are dearest to you. You also learn that you can learn, compete, and adapt to various challenges in a global setting. That is a great confidence booster.

Bala Parthasarathy, CEO of MoneyTap, says that Working Abroad shapes your work ethics. Different countries have different ways of working and you can learn from each one of them. Societies like Japan and Europe display amazing teamwork. This is something that he too has been trying to incorporate into his startup.

Working abroad also helps you stay abreast of the latest developments in your industry, says Upasana Taku, Founder of MobiKwik. She says working abroad exposes you to how work is done in different geographies. You can gain an in-depth understanding of your industry. You also develop your communication skills to a great extent. Working abroad also helps you build cultural awareness and intercultural competencies.

These days an increasing number of companies are trying to expand their product and services to a global market. Leaders need to develop cross-cultural skills to be able to handle different cultural environments, as per Live Mint.

Hence, every professional should seek out opportunities abroad. They will be able to expand their horizons by working overseas. They will be able to exploit the opportunity to learn something new from the local culture. Working abroad can also help them open up to other cultures.

Working abroad can hence benefit your both professionally and personally.

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