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Things you need to know before setting out for Overseas Career

Posted on November 28, 2018
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Overseas Career

Overseas Career is the most fascinating trend among youngsters now. Every year thousands of students and workers are migrating abroad for this reason. While it is pretty exciting to some, it often poses concerns for aspiring Immigrants.

Barry Choi, a finance expert has expressed his views on this during an interview with Financial Post. He said one should be smart about their finances before setting out for Overseas Career. Let’s have look at the most important points to know before heading abroad.

Be aware of the right Visa:

Visa is the only pathway to a successful overseas career. And it has to be the right one. However, the process is not very straightforward. The longer the Visa, the harder it is to obtain. There are certain rules to follow in order to identify the right Visa –

  • Attend different Study Programs conducted by Foreign Universities where they discuss Visa programs as well
  • Know the various aspects of each Visa and the budget involved
  • See if the duration of stay will align with your plan
  • If you can get an employment offer, Visa process would be easier
  • In case you don’t have an offer, try for countries like Australia which offer Working Holiday Visa for freelancers

 Get a borderless bank account:

Working abroad means different currencies are involved. Immigrants need to open a local account. However, the process is quite tiring. One may need to provide their proof of residency, Visa and also a deposit. It is best to get a multi-currency borderless bank account. It is not a bank. One can send, receive and own up to 40 currencies in one account. Also, Immigrants don’t need local address proof for such an account.

Get a health insurance first:

Mr. Choi suggested that Overseas Immigrants should at first get health insurance coverage. Many Overseas banks offer health insurance. Also, they can purchase health insurance from various companies. He added even a quick visit to the Overseas hospitals could cost hundreds of dollars. Hence, Immigrants should never take a risk of staying abroad without health coverage.

Know the surprise costs:

Overseas immigrants often stay in foreign countries without a pay-cheque for some time. It is advisable to do research before they head out for Overseas Career. One should know the cost of living in the destination country and make a budget around it. Examples are their first month’s rent, getting a car and deposits for other utilities.

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