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France job market buoyant, 15B € for Job training

Posted on March 28, 2018
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The France job market is buoyant as it is creating fresh jobs at a faster pace even as Amazon, the online retail giant said that it will add 2,000 permanent jobs in France in 2018. The rate of unemployment has decreased below 9% for the first time after 2009. This is an endorsement of the initiatives by Emmanuel Macron the French President to relax the inflexible labor market.

The labor Market in France is constrained by the mismatch of skills that Macron intends to address through his diverse initiatives.

Macron has also announced 15 Billion Euros investment for Job training over the period of next five years. This will crucially expand the apprenticeship schemes under comprehensive changes that will be announced in April.

INSEE the France national statistics office has said that the rate of unemployment lowered to 8.9% from 9.6& in 2017. This is the steepest decline after the financial crisis in 2008, as quoted by the Reuters.

In his first big policy initiative four months ago French President Emmanuel Macron altered the labor policies. This offered enhanced flexibility to the French companies to recruit and relieve staff. As a result, the economy of France is creating employment at its fastest rate after 2007, as per INSEE.

Diego Iscaro the Economist associated with IHS Markit said that enhanced activity and positive business ambiance have boosted the job market. The surveys have also demonstrated that the morale of French businesses has reached record high after the election of Emmanuel Macron as the French President.

The overhaul of labor policies by Macron has assisted in easing the mismatch of skills in the French labor market. The recruitment for permanent contracts has increased by 6.4% at the beginning of 2018. This level was not witnessed prior to the world financial crisis.

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