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Requirements for visas of certain categories in English-speaking countries

Posted on September 20, 2017
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English-speaking countries

People intending to Settle in Australia have to apply for the permanent residency, also known as 189 visas.

Not intended for skilled workers who do not have an employer sponsoring them, it allows 457 visa holders also to switch to this visa if they want to change jobs.

Intent to work must be expressed for this visa in a skilled occupation, without which applications won’t be considered eligible. Applicants can qualify for it if they are aged below 50, are proficient in English and complete successfully a skills points test.

More information can be found on Australian government websites.

People wanting to relocate to the United States can apply either for H1-B or H2-B visas.

To be eligible for these Work Visas, people need to have obtained a definite offer of employment. The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) must approve a petition filed by the prospective employer at an Embassy or Consulate of the US.

These visa holders can be accompanied by their spouse/ partner and dependent children below the age of 21 with a derivative visa.

The H-1B Visa is granted to people working in specialised jobs, while the H-2B is given to people who would be employed in seasonal or temporary jobs.

Duration of each visa depends on the length of the visa holder’s employment and usually expires once their job contract ends.

IEC (International Experience Canada) is a Canadian Working Holiday Visa and there are three categories under it.

The open work permit is granted to people entering Canada without a job offer and may want to work for different employers and want to travel in Canada as well.

Under the Young Professionals category, visas are given to those working for one employer at one location. The international co-op internship category too is a similar work permit as the one above and is given to students, who completed their internship in Canada, to travel to work there.

Under the IEC, only those who are aged below 35 are allowed to live and work in this North American country for one or two years.

There are several types of Permanent Residency Visas available for those who want to settle in Canada.

If people want to go there on a skilled worker immigration program, points-based system, they have to get a minimum 67 points in various parameters such as English or French language proficiency, educational qualifications, work experience and employment.

The applicant must be sponsored by a citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada in order to be eligible for a family class sponsorship visa.

Under the provincial nominee program, provinces are allowed to nominate immigrants who will be employed in areas that meet its particular economic and labour needs.

There are three classes of business immigration visas. One is for prospective investors, the other for entrepreneurs intending to run a business in Canada and those who are self-employed and work in areas of their choice.

Highly skilled youngsters who want to work and live in New Zealand can apply for the Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa, but they need to find employment in the long-term before they can apply for a residence visa. The duration of these visas is nine months.

With the Business Visitor Visa, people can Visit New Zealand and stay there for business purposes or to study for a maximum of three months.

New Zealand’s specific purpose work visa is for people visiting that country to attend an event or for a short-term business visit.

The skilled migrant category resident visa is granted to people aged up to 55 who wish to relocate New Zealand permanently. Eligible are people whom New Zealand feels can contribute to the economic progress of their country by working in sectors where there is a paucity of skilled workers.

If people do not qualify for any one of the above visas of New Zealand, they could apply for Entrepreneur Resident Visa. This visa is granted to individuals who have been self-employed in New Zealand for a minimum of six months or have run a business for two years on another visa that allowed them to be self-employed.

If you are looking to migrate one of the aforementioned countries, get in touch with Y-Axis, a prominent company for immigration services, to apply for an appropriate visa.

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