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4 Tips to land an engineering job in Canada

Posted on March 24, 2020
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engineering job in Canada

If you have chosen a career in engineering, you will be wondering what kind of engineering jobs will be in demand in Canada. The first thing you must do is to thoroughly research the job market in Canada.

A good place to start will be to find out which cities in the country offer you the best opportunities for your engineering field. Apart from this try and get an insight into what is happening in the engineering sector in the country. Explore the job prospects in provincial or regional areas. Also find out the factors that influence the demand for engineers in Canada.

 When you are exploring the locations for finding your job in Canada consider whether you want to move into a large city for a fast-paced life or to small city where there are more job opportunities and less competition.

Here are the four factors you should consider when zeroing in Canadian cities for your job search.

1. Find out what’s hot in the engineering sector in the country:

 To help you find out, discover the engineering projects taking place across the country and which provinces or territories have more projects and hence demand for engineers. Identify the provinces that are focusing on infrastructure development. All this information will help you identify the cities with the best job prospects even before you land in Canada.

2. Provincial and regional job market conditions:

Knowledge of provincial and regional job market conditions will help you. For instance, the coastal regions of Canada will have a demand for marine engineers while there is a demand for oil and gas engineers in Alberta.

If you are aware of the engineering jobs at the provincial level, you can explore the relevant job openings that are available in the cities of the province.

Explore the government’s Labor Market Information (LMI) site

This site will give you an idea of the demand for engineering jobs in the country by looking at the LMI site. You will get information on jobs that appear in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.

Employers can identify the skills required for specific engineering jobs in this list. The list helps to identify the cities looking for the specific skills you have.

Labor market rating:You can find out what the labor market is like for a range of engineering jobs in Canada by looking at the Government of Canada’s Labor Market Information (LMI) site. Here you’ll find information for jobs based on the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Employers use the NOC to identify the skills that are required for specific jobs in Canada. It can also be used to identify occupational shortages in Canada. You can also gain access to labor market information through the NOC list. It will help you identify the cities that are looking for your specific skill sets.

3. Know about rankings in the engineering job market:

With the LMI you will get a 3-star rating system for the various engineering jobs. The rating is either good, fair or limited in comparison to similar jobs in the market. You should ideally aim for jobs that have fair or good rating.

This rating will also help you explore labor market conditions at the provincial level as well. This will help you assess the job outlook at the regional level as well.

4. Be aware of factors that influence job outlook for engineers:

Be aware of the factors that influence the engineering job opportunities in various Canadian cities. These include:

  • Predicted employment growth for the city or region
  • Changing demographics that will influence the number of jobs available for engineers
  • population means engineers will be retiring from the workforce over the next decade).
  • Number of potential employees available
  • Availability of engineers with relevant skills and experience

 You will have to consider all these factors when looking for an engineering job in Canada. This will provide you with relevant information which will make your job search easy even before you arrive in Canada and will be valuable when you begin your job search in the country.

Doing the right research can help you get a head start when you begin your job hunt in Canada. And with the right skills, experience and expertise you will be on the way to find your dream engineering job in Canada.

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