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Canada Job trends – Architects, 2023-24

Posted on October 25, 2022
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Why work in Canada as an Architect?

  • Canada has more than 1 million job vacancies
  • Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are offering the highest pay of CAD 83,078.4 for Architects
  • Average salary of an Architect in Canada is CAD 78,460
  • Ontario and Quebec have the highest number of job openings for Architects
  • Architects can migrate to Canada through 9 pathways

About Canada

Canada is a federal parliamentary state with Ottawa as its capital. The languages spoken in the country are English and French and immigrants having knowledge of any one of these or both of these get a chance to migrate to Canada. Canada is covered with mountains, plains, forests, lakes, and many other natural aspects.

Canada has become one of the favorite destinations for immigrants who want to study, work, and settle in the country. As Canada is facing a shortage of workers, so it has plans to invite high-skilled workers from different countries.

Canada has planned to invite many immigrants every year. According to the Canada 2023-2025 immigration plan, Canada will invite 1.5 million newcomers by 2025 as shown in the table below:

Year Immigration Levels Plan
2023 465,000 permanent residents
2024 485,000 permanent residents
2025 500,000 permanent residents

Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories out of which Quebec has a separate legal system. All these provinces are in dire need of foreign workers to reduce the skills shortage. Immigrants can migrate to Canada through various immigration programs and live in the country for a temporary period or settle here permanently.

Job trends in Canada, 2023

Companies in Canada are facing a shortage of workers, so it is the best time for immigrants to apply for jobs available in different sectors. The unemployment rate in Canada has crossed records, and the wages of employees are also increasing. One of the popular sectors in Canada is Information technology because of the high demand for programmers and developers. Another reason is the development of cloud services.

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Architects TEER Code

The NOC code for architect is 2151 which has now been converted to a five-digit TEER code which is 21200. Architects have to work in the construction industry and design buildings, bridges, and other things. They also have to plan the maintenance of the existing buildings and repair them if required.

The duties of an architect are given below:

  • Architects have to be in touch with clients to know about the purpose of the creation or renovation of a building.
  • Architects have to design the plans for a building and describe specifications, cost, building materials, time to complete the project, etc.
  • Sketches and models have to be prepared for clients.
  • Supervise drawings preparation, specifications, and construction documents that contractors and tradespersons will use to complete the project.
  • Architects have to prepare the bidding documents and also conduct contract negotiations.
  • Monitoring of the work on the construction site.

Prevailing wages of Architects in Canada

Architects get a high salary in Canada that ranges between CAD 46156.8 and CAD 110764.8. The table below reveals the details of the wages for an architect:

Community/Area Median
Canada 69,235.20
Alberta 69,964.80
British Columbia 69,235.20
Manitoba 72,000
New Brunswick 83,078.40
Nova Scotia 83,078.40
Ontario 72,864
Quebec 64,608
Eligibility criteria for Architects

The eligibility criteria to work in Canada as an architect are as follows:

  • Candidates need to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute of architecture. Candidates can also go for the syllabus of studies from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).
  • A requirement of Master’s degree in the field of architecture may also be required.
  • Candidates have to go for an internship and complete it under the supervision of a registered architect.
  • There is a requirement of an architect registration examination.
  • Architects have to be registered with the provincial association of architects.
  • Canada Green Building Council provides Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications as it is a requirement for some employers.

Candidates can go for certifications in different institutes and provinces listed in the table below:

Location Job title Regulation Regulatory body
Alberta Architect Regulated
Alberta Association of Architects
British Columbia Architect Regulated
Architectural Institute of British Columbia
Manitoba Architect Regulated
Manitoba Association of Architects
New Brunswick Architect Regulated
Architects’ Association of New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Architect Regulated
Architects Licensing Board of Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories
Architect Regulated
Northwest Territories Association of Architects
Nova Scotia Architect Regulated
Nova Scotia Association of Architects
Ontario Architect Regulated
Ontario Association of Architects
Prince Edward Island
Architect Regulated
Architects Association of Prince Edward Island
Québec Architect Regulated
Ordre des architectes du Québec
Saskatchewan Architect Regulated
Saskatchewan Association of Architects
Architects – Number of vacancies in Canada

There are 52 job postings for architects in Canada and the table below shows these postings in different provinces:

Location Available jobs
Alberta 3
British Columbia 6
Canada 52
New Brunswick 1
Nova Scotia 3
Ontario 25
Québec 13
Saskatchewan 1

*Note: The number of job vacancies may differ. This is given as per the information on October, 2022.

Architects – Job Prospects in Canada

Candidates who are working or want to work in Canada have different job prospects. These prospects depend on the province where they are working. These prospects are available for all architects in Canada. The prospects can be found in the table below:

Location Job prospects
Alberta Fair
British Columbia Fair
Manitoba Good
Nova Scotia Fair
Ontario Good
Quebec Good
Saskatchewan Good

How can Architects migrate to Canada?

There are 9 pathways which architects can use to migrate to Canada to live, work, and settle there. These ways are listed below.

How can Y-Axis help an Architect to immigrate to Canada?

Y-Axis helps you in:

Looking to Migrate to Canada? Talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no. 1 overseas immigration consultant.

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