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The future Australia IT jobs: Cyber Security, IOT & AI

Posted on March 19, 2018
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Australia IT Jobs

The future Australia IT jobs are Cyber Security, IoT – Internet of Things, and AI – Artificial Intelligence. Candidates who are skilled will be in demand for challenging and exciting opportunities in these areas.

Cyber Security:

Cyber-attacks have been conventionally the bane of large MNCs, Security agencies, Defense departments and the Governments. These are now trending towards the SME sectors. Cloud-based accounting and data management leaves huge prospects open for unparalleled online breaches.

Australia IT jobs will have abundant prospects for IT Security professionals as there are more than 2 million SMEs in the nation. Positions include Security analysts at the entry level earning roughly 75,000 $ annually while the IT Managers and Software Engineers command 6 digit salaries.

IoT – Internet of Things:

Internet of Things is going to be the next world level paradigm shift. Specifically suited to profit from this shift are the Telcos as they are as it is handling stupendous data volumes. The performance of the networks of the Telcos will be the IoT lynchpin. They are also all set to be the most profit makers and the biggest employers of Data Experts in the future, as quoted by the Technology People.

Even as the Corporations possess assets, machinery, and buildings with web connectivity, it will be the responsibility of the Telcos to guarantee capacity and security of these data networks.

AI – Artificial Intelligence:

Given the vast human and monetary resources being committed by Amazon, Google, and IBM, the hype with AI is apparently real. Banks in Australia have millions of customers that need to be engaged, retained, and nurtured. This gives them the desire and ability to adopt the latest tech advancements for being successful. The most recent example is Robo Chat launched by the U Bank.

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