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Italy launches an annual work benefit program for foreign nationals

Posted on June 3, 2017
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Italy Work Visa

The purpose of finding new work options has opened doors in Italy. The government of Italy has been relentlessly working and has finally made a streamlined procedure to announce multiple opportunities. The year 2017 determines a number of work prospects in Italy especially in the streams of Travel and hotel industry for foreign nationals to wish to Work in Italy and experience the benefit of an apt work-life balance.

The newly launched annual Work-Permit program is based on a quota system. And the key aspect to this program has fixed numerical permits for each working category for a season and non-seasonal work opportunities. The fixed availability is 30.000 vacancies half of which is allotted for Job Seekers Overseas. This opportunity is for new applicants and also for those who have been to Italy in the past five years to re-apply for this “Decreto Flussi” annual work opportunity program.

Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Workers

Non-Seasonal workers receive the benefits of 3000 permits, out of which 2400 are allocated to foreign nationals. This category includes entrepreneurs who would be making an investment of €500,000. High qualified noted artists and business innovators who have a business plan to start-up a new company in Italy can use this category. For this particular category, residence permits are also an added benefit.

Applicants who have completed educational programs in their home country are allotted 500 permits. Internships and Training programs are offered 500 permits. And conversion to work permits for already existing professionals there are 100 permits to be issued.

Seasonal workers are provided with 17,000 permits for seasonal workers and employees who intend to find suitable jobs in Italy. Especially the year 2017 is focusing more on sectors such as tourism, agricultural and hotel industry. This category has opportunities for professional who have worked before in Italy in the last five years 2000 permits are allotted for them as well.

The application is an online applying procedure; the time it takes to complete the entire process is 8 weeks about. All foreign national would undergo an evaluation procedure for Work Permit application procedures. The fact of the matter is that the volumes to avail this annual work program are gaining popularity.

The local labor unions are in agreement with the employers to hire foreign national to fill the need. Seasonal Working Visa is generally issued for 20 days to 9 months. And an extension for another 9 months is possible depending on the employers who would have to support the extension.

A Temporary Visa for a seasonal worker can be converted into a permanent work visa as well. The process of applying for the temporary work permit initially is the regular standard operating procedure. Make the best use of this annual work permit opportunity.

An employer offering you a job would support you to complete most of the formalities. You will need a passport; you need to sign a residence contract form, proof of the return tickets, complete details of earlier work history. Last but not least a résumé.

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  1. Niranjan menaria

    I am doing master dgree in Europe (latvia). I am looking for work permit in all over Europe. Basically I am belong to tourism and hospitality industry
    So could you guide me??

    • Anshul Singhal

      Dear Niranjan menaria, Thank You for your interest. Please e-mail us your contact details along with CV to fb@y-axis.com. One of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively, call us at 7670 800 000 for immediate assistance.

      Y-Axis Overseas Careers.

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