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468, 000 Canada Job vacancies reported by Canadian employers in Q3 -2017, 15%+ over 2016

Posted on January 16, 2018
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Canada Job vacancies

468, 000 Canada Job Vacancies were reported by Canadian employers in Q3 -2017, which was 15%+ over 2016. It implies addition of 62, 000 jobs when compared with Q3-2016, said Statistics Canada. Earlier a report was also released by the Federation of Independent Business in Canada. It revealed that Canadian job vacancies in Q3-2017 were the highest in last 10 years.

Out of 10 broad job categories of Statistics Canada, job vacancies increased in 7 job categories in Q3-2017. This was in comparison with the same quarter in 2016. The job categories with the highest increase were Sales and service, Equipment operators, Transport, and Trades.

In a Q3-2017 permanent job, positions accounted for 80.2% of the total 468, 000 Canada Job vacancies reported by Canadian employers. This was revealed by Statistics Canada, as quoted by the CIC News.

Q3 was the 4th successive quarter that witnessed year after year increase. This was for both job vacancy rate and a number of job vacancies. Job vacancy rate was 2.9% for Q3 – 2017. The year after year increase was broadly based across the occupations, industrial sectors, and provinces said Statistics Canada.

British Columbia and Quebec reported the highest year after year increase in Q3 – 2017. This was for both a number of jobs and the rate of the job vacancy. These two provinces were also among the 9 provinces in Canada that witnessed a 3/4th increase in the number of job vacancies over Q3 – 2016.

87,000 Job vacancies were reported by businesses in Quebec for Q3 -2017. It was an increase of 30.6% or 21, 000 jobs in comparison with the same quarter in 2016. The increase in jobs was distributed across diverse sectors. The top sector was Manufacturing, said Statistics Canada.

For Q3-2017, employment in Quebec increased by 2.2%. The rate of unemployment in the province all decreased to 6% from 7%.

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