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10 Women share their top Overseas Career Goals for 2019

Posted on December 31, 2018
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10 Women share their top Overseas Career Goals for 2019

The top Overseas Career Goals for 2019 have been shared by 10 women who are at diverse stages in their professional lives. This may perhaps give you too an idea while you create your new year career goals.

Susannah -23 years:

“For me, the aim in 2019 is ‘just don’t stay afloat, get ahead’. I have learned to respond to constant changes and be adaptable working at a startup”.

Vernic – 36 years:

“I am constantly traveling and on the phone for work in my career. When I am at home it is as if I am not in the present. So my goal for 2019 is to be aware and more present and learn to say no at times for a few opportunities”.

Mella – Twenties:

“To put me more ‘out there’ is my biggest goal for 2019. I repeatedly conceal in the shadows as I fear failure and criticism. I cannot grow in this way as hiding does not prevent any of these”.

Heidi – 44 years:

“As a therapist, I will commence video series in 2019. This will be in line with the blogs that I have been writing related to motherhood, grief and loss, and women’s issues.

Hannah – 30 years

“I hope to take a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur in the year 2019. As of now, it is a hair quiz and a blog at Shampoo Stories”.

Stephanie – 36 years:

“My 2019 career goal as a self-published author is to continue publishing my lifestyle and travel books with aggressive marketing. This is to ensure that I get chosen by a publishing company”.

Kaila – Thirties:

“I am a Los Angeles based food and travel writer. In 2019 I will celebrate the success of those who are successful in my field and affirm that the same is achievable for me too!”

Maleah – 25 years:

“I just launched my own firm 2 months ago and I am a newly licensed and registered dietitian. My career goals for 2019 are to grow my business as much as I can in my pregnancy and giving birth as I am 5 weeks pregnant”.

Heather – 48 years:

“I have some big career goals for 2019. One of them is to pursue several personal projects that are lying on the back burner. I want to grow my brand ‘Show Money who’s Boss’ which is my mission to assist individuals to become debt free.

Brittney – 31 years:

“I am the co-founder of Bogues Consulting Group, domestic violence advocate, and an entrepreneur.  My Overseas Career goals for 2019 are:

  • Take risks
  • Develop practices that enhance productivity
  • Be aware of yourself and mindful
  • Never cease learning
  • Stay strong in my faith

 (With inputs from Bustle)

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