Visiting Kuwait will now be expensive for the Expatriates!

Kuwait to implement a raise in visa fees

Kuwait to implement a raise in visa fees

From now on traveling to Kuwait will be more expensive for expats as the minister of the country has approved the proposal to hike the prices of all visas. This decision was put forward by the Department of Interior Ministry through Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality and Residency Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah. The increase in fees will be seen in terms of visit and tourist visas, temporary residency, self sponsorship and family dependency visas.

The changes that will be experienced

The proposal was first send to the legal department for their approval in this regard. The change so implemented, is in compliance with other government bodies such as the health ministry. The above decision was confirmed and declared by Mr. Sheikh Mazen. Some changes that will be observed will be a 100 percent increase in fees in some cases and more than that in some other cases.

In addition to this, the government has decided to remove all the free services that were earlier available to expats traveling to Kuwait. After the implementation of this new rule, a one month visit visa will not be available for anything less than 30 KD. It is a huge change as the visit visa has been free of cost till date.

What else will change?

At the same time the three month tourist visa can also be obtained at a higher price of 90 KD. The family visas also could not escape the price hike. For a depended visa as much as 150 KD needs to be spent which could earlier be got only at 100 KD. Coming to the visas relating to parents and siblings, the hike is as much as 400 KD.

For a valid reason

It is significant rise in the price because such visas were earlier available only at 200 KD. Sheikh Mazan hopes that these changes will benefit Kuwait to a great extent. Since the present rates have been in implementation for a very long time, they needed to be updated. The low rates were also being misused by people to avail the health and other benefits given by the government of Kuwait.

Original Source: kuwait Times

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