Taiwan relaxes visa requirements for three more ASEAN nations

Taiwan relaxes visa requirements for three ASEAN nations

Travellers from three more ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member states will have their visa requirements relaxed from 1 September as part of Taiwan’s continuing New Southbound Policy.

Henceforth, passport holders of Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos can apply online for an R.O.C. TAC (Travel Authorization Certificate), said the Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement. With TACs, passport holders can stay in this East Asian nation for up to 30 days and are permitted multiple re-entries during its 90-day validity period, according to China Post.

Earlier, these certificates were available to citizens of Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Vietnam. Travellers must have a passport with a validity of at least six months, a ticket out of the country and a visa for that particular destination in order to be eligible to apply for a TAC. People who have worked previously in low-skilled jobs in Taiwan are not eligible to apply for these.

Applicants must also have at least one of the prescribed documents issued by Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, the UK, the US and the Schengen nations. The documents are a valid entry visa, valid resident or permanent resident card or a resident card or a visa that has expired within 10 years before the date of arrival in Taiwan.

Tourists can apply for a TAC on https://niaspeedy.immigration.gov.tw/nia_southeast/ and for group tourists the URL is https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/BOCA_MRVWeb/ to apply.

Four ASEAN member states of Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand have already been granted visa-free entry to Taiwan.

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