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Posted on August 30 2022

Sean Fraser, announced 'Expansion of RNIP' to fill the job market needs

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
Sean Fraser, announced 'Expansion of RNIP' to fill the job market needs

Highlights of Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program, 2022

  • Canada announced the expansion of Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program on August 29, 2022
  • Many modifications were done to RNIP program, which will be effective from fall, 2022
  • Notable changes includes: extension of existing areas and increase in the number of qualifying jobs
  • Permission will be granted to the communities to participate in the RNIP until August 24, 2023

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Canada to expand Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program

Canada has plans to expand Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program with several changes to address the job market demands. Sean Fraser, the Canada Immigration Minister has announced that “several changes will be made which will be effective from the fall, 2022.

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RNIP immigration gave a tenfold rise and continues to increase in 2022

One Million Jobs Vacant for 90+ days in Canada

Modifications in Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program

The existing areas will be expanded and there will be an increase in the number of qualifying jobs. This will help the communities to invite more candidates to migrate to Canada. RNIP is also a way to apply for Canada PR.

Communities will also get the permission to participate for a longer period which will be up to August 24. IRCC also has announced to decrease in the required settlement funds.

The current settlement funds are given in the table below:

Number of family members Funds you need (in Canadian dollars)
1 $8,722
2 $10,858
3 $13,348
4 $16,206
5 $18,380
6 $20,731
7 or more $23,080

RNIP Communities

The 11 RNIP communities are listed below:

Community Province
North Bay Ontario
Sudbury Ontario
Timmins, Ontario
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
Thunder Bay Ontario
Brandon Manitoba
Altona/Rhineland Manitoba
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
Claresholm Alberta
West Kootenay British Columbia
Vernon British Columbia

Economic challenges of Rural and Northern communities

Currently, rural and northern communities are facing the economic and demographic challenges. After the expansion of RNIP, these communities will be able to fill their need of the critical labor market. The boundaries of the communities will also be expanded so that the program can be easily accessed by the remote employers.

Number of immigrants welcomed through this program

Till June 30, 2022, the number of immigrants arrived through this program is 1,130. This immigration helped to fill the job vacancies in the following sectors:

  • Health care
  • Hospitality and food services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

IRCC announced that RNIP will be able to invite 125 immigrants along with their families. The maximum number of applications to be accepted and processed is 2,750.

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