Oman eases regulations for multiple entry visas for 38 other countries

Oman eases regulations for multiple entry visas

The government of Oman eased rules on multiple entry visas for 38 countries in a bid to give the economy a leg up. Starting from July 20, citizens of these select countries who travel to the Sultanate of Oman can stay for up to three months at a stretch. Earlier, visitors could stay for three weeks only.

Omani government hopes that this measure will encourage investors to spend more time in the country to identify opportunities and would also allow tourists to spend more money there.

Included in this list of countries, entitled for the visa, are the UK, Ireland, many nations in central Europe and a few countries in Eastern Europe. People from India, the Philippines and Bangladesh too can apply for this visa provided they have a sponsor in Oman.

Although the business community appreciated this move by the government, expatriates from India and some other countries, which have not been included in the list, felt their countries should have also been included.

Tourism generated an income of OMR250.9 million in 2015, statistics from the government web portal reveal. It is twice compared to revenue generated in 2005. The official government statistics show that one in three travellers to Oman come for leisure and the remaining for business. The new multiple visas allow visitors to Oman to stay for two three-month periods in one year. The Times of Oman quotes the Committee for Logistics and Transportation Affairs at the OCCI vice-chairman, Mohammed Hassan Al Ansi, as welcoming the move and saying that this move would boost the country’s economy.

The Head of the Economic Committee at the Majlis Al shura, Saleh Saeed, echoed the same sentiment.

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