Occupations list under Australian 457 visa to be pruned

Australia changes visas for foreign skilled workers

Peter Dutton, Australia’s Minister for Immigration, said on 20 November that he was considering changes to 457 visas for foreign skilled workers, and suggested that its occupation list could be reduced.

He was quoted by the Sky News as saying that there were shortages for certain occupations in the hinterland, but for the same, there were no shortages in bigger cities.

Dutton stated that it was a different scenario across Australia and they needed to act accordingly. He felt that the occupation list was extensive right now and it needed to be contracted, reported Herald Sun.

This comment comes close on the heels of the third week of November’s press release regarding the amending of condition 8107 to cut down time for 457 visa holders to stay on in the country Down Under after having exited their job.

Following the pruning of the list, applicants cannot apply for visas for occupations that have been deleted.

According to Work Visa Lawyers, it is not known yet as to what occupations will be done away with.

It is said that there was a lot of pressure from politicians in Australia to lower the limit of 457 visas in the last six months.

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