How to obtain O-1 visas to US

O-1 visas are issued by the US government

O-1 visas are issued by the US government every year to foreign nationals who, according to it, possess ‘extraordinary abilities’ in fields of education, the sciences, business, the arts, and sports, among others.

The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) has reportedly issued 83,000 work permits in this category in 2014. Though most of them were said to be acclaimed scientists and entrepreneurs, it also is a popular route for artists to enter America.

These visas came into being in 1990 to let employers in the US hire the crème de la crème in many disciplines. The reason behind the creation of O-1 visa was the idea that the American economy, culture or welfare should considerably profit through immigrants.

The USCIS has recently defined eight ways in which people can prove that they have extraordinary talent. Included among it are amassing more money than others in the immigrants’ respective fields and gaining acclaim for their work. The O-1 visa, which is issued for up to three years, can be extended in an open-ended manner.

As there is no ceiling on the number of O-1 visas that can be granted each year, they are viewed as alternatives to circumvent the stringent regulations surrounding H-1B visas. In fact, under the O-1 program, applicants need not have college degrees.

According to Orlando Ortega, a London-based attorney, O-1 visas are sometimes bagged by technology workers who were not lucky to obtain H-1B visa through its lottery system.

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