Myanmar to simplify visa procedures for foreign tourists

Myanmar will simplify its visa applications and adjust the fees

Myanmar, also known as Burma, will simplify its visa applications and adjust the fees for the same to keep up with international standards, according to Myanmar’s immigration ministry.

U Kyaw Myint, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population deputy director, was quoted by The Myanmar Times as saying that they would enable visitors to apply for different types of multiple-entry visas such as social, work, research and religious types.

He said that they wanted to keep up with international standards as far as visa applications and fees were concerned to make it more convenient for foreign visitors applying at their missions overseas.

Simplification of the application process will involve eliminating documentation needs on accommodation or taxing for business visas, said the ministry.

U Kyaw Myint said that they would decrease visa fees that are more expensive than those of various countries, although they may hike some others in line with international standards. Foreign tourists to Myanmar can now apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa, which would be valid from three to 12 months.

He said that they had entered into an agreement with other ministries and their missions located abroad are prepared to issue multiple-entry visas. A final approval is being awaited from the government for the suggested amendments in application forms and fees.

The ministry’s permanent secretary, U Myint Kyaing, said that the fees would be roughly equivalent to those of the other Southeast Asian countries.

The Union of Myanmar Travel Association chair, U Thet Lwin Toh, chair, said that the fees cannot be compared with developed nations such as the US or Germany, but should be in keeping with that being charged by Thailand and Singapore, from where a lot of tourists arrive in Myanmar. He said that tourist visa fees had been decreased in 2015 and added that e-visas would make it more comfortable for overseas visitors to apply.

Currently, e-visas have been made available for citizens of 100 countries and for businesspersons of 51 countries.

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