Myanmar hikes visa fees from December

Myanmar has increased visa prices

Myanmar has increased visa prices with effect from 1 December, according to an announcement of its immigration ministry. The embassies of this Southeast Asian country all over the world have been notified about the hike, said U Myint Kyaing, Myanmar’s Permanent secretary of immigration.

He was quoted by the Myanmar Times as saying that their citizens have to shell out high visa fees when they are travelling abroad. Myanmar visas have been cheaper than the others in order to attract visitors. As the tourist numbers to the country have been on the rise, they felt the need to charge prices on par with other countries, added Kyang.

The hike in fees will impact 12 types of visas, excluding diplomatic visas, which will continue to be free.

Tourist visa for 28 days will be increased from $25 to $40. A single-entry business visa of 70 days will now cost $50 and it will cost $200, $400 and $600 for multiple- entry business visas of three months, six months and a year, respectively.

On the other hand, a 70-day single-entry visa will cost $50, a three-month multiple-entry would be priced at $150 and a year’s visa would cost $450. For international organisations, a one-time-use visa would cost 450 for 70 days, $200 for three months multiple-entry and $400 and $600 for six months and a year, respectively.

Henceforth, an employment visa would cost $50 for 70 days, and education’s single-entry visa would be priced at $50 for 90 days, while it would cost $200 for three months multiple-entry, $400 and $600 for six months and a year’s multiple entry visas, respectively.

According to Kyaing, foreigners in Myanmar would be able to apply for visa extensions within the country itself.

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