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The debate on the necessity of the Post Study Work Visa option for foreign student immigrants in Scotland continues with David Watt, Executive Director of the Institute of Directors in Scotland, has opined that with the absence of dedicated local workers, the capability of the Scottish nation’s growth is going to be deeply reduced and cause young professionals who had benefitted from the prime quality education not be able to get return on their investment.

The economy of the European country is growing slowly and it desperately needs people with varied skills to add fuel its slow growth. To sustain and boost its economic expansion, Scotland ought to attract skilled foreign immigrant workers from the United Kingdom, the EU and more importantly from developing countries like India and South Africa. These immigrant workers are needed and there’s enough defined proof to prove that the current growth is being fuelled by overseas immigrants.

Scotland has the best universities in the whole world, like the University of Sterling and the University of Edinburgh; however, current circumstances do not seem to be permitting Scotland to access dedicated skilled and Scotland educated graduates from the qualified elite from foreign nationals, the bulk of that comes from India and China.

Sectors like health, energy, natural science and finance face daunting issues in hiring skilled graduate workers and are forced by policy against hiring non EU students as they are unable to continue their job once post graduation.

The business of Scotland is dominated by the SMEs, however, the region’s several businesses are heavily influenced by the UK Government’s Tier 2 (General) visa scheme. The amount of wage required for the graduates within the current schemes are set at an amount prescribed by the UK, that is more suitable for employees in the South East of England and not for the fabric of Scotland. The current recommendation prescribed by UK Government is 30,000 pounds because the starting wage for the graduate and therefore the final outcome is that the economy is negatively impacted in Scotland’s labour market.

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Original Source:Scotsman

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