Largest number of skilled migrant workers in UK are from India

skilled migrant workers

Indian nationals were the recipients of the largest number of skilled visas issued to migrants to work in the UK in 2015, Office of National Statistics (ONS) of the UK data revealed on May 25.

People of Indian origin (PIO) were given 57 percent of the total number of skilled work visas, which numbered 52,109 out of the total 91,833 granted. They were followed by the American citizens who received 11 percent of the total visas in this segment.

Visa number trends mirrored changes both to the rules of immigration and the present economic climate, according to ONS.

Asians, on the whole, obtained 56 percent of the 531,375 longer-term visas granted in the year-ending March 2016, with India and China accounting for 16 and 17 percent of the total, respectively. The US citizens stood at the third place by bagging seven percent of these visas.

Meanwhile, the largest number of National Insurance registrations was granted again to skilled professionals from India. They numbered around 34,000.

‘Migration Statistics Quarterly Report’, which recorded information until December 2015, also showed that Indian students were in the top three countries to be given the largest number of study visas. Indians were placed third in this category as China and US took the first and second positions, respectively.

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