Job Opportunities For Indians in China

Job Opportunities For Indians in China

There is an increasing demand for Indian skilled force in China!

With the global economic meltdown, many companies have closed shop and jobs have receded from the reach of even skilled workers. But eastern giant China has continued to keep spinning its silky economic yarn. Recession or no recession jobs in China are a plenty. The reason being China has begun to expand the private sector of its economy and thrown open its doors to the world. Shanghai and Beijing have now become the passwords for those wanting to have a lucrative career.

What is more with many multinationals relocating their headquarters to the Asian giant, China has started to look more welcoming than other countries.

For Indians who would like to test the waters of Chinese jobs the following points could be useful:

  • China welcomes those who are skilled and experienced. In short positions are primarily available for those in the senior category
  • Overcoming the language barrier could be challenging to get assimilated into the culture. But nevertheless one can enroll into Chinese classes to overcome them
  • In fact all the odds could be in your favor in getting a plum job if one can speak and understand some level of Mandarin.

Jobs in demand in China are:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Accounting and finance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Engineering jobs (project managers, civil engineers, team leads)
  • Legal jobs
  • Human resources (advisors, consultants – important requisite for the job being a good knowledge of Mandarin)
  • Teaching jobs (primarily ESL)
  • Advertising and Creative Communications
  • Research in health Sciences
  • Sales, marketing, strategic planning in the manufacturing industry
  • Program developers, web developers in IT

NOTE: International firms employ a considerable number of immigrants/expat work force.  Chinese rarely employ them.

Source: Expat Arrivals

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