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Posted on June 16 2020

IRCC updates guidelines for permanent resident applicants

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

As per a Program delivery update: COVID-19 – Permanent residence on May 29, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] has provided updates “to include instructions for finalization of permanent residence applications in Canada and abroad while taking into consideration the travel restriction measures.”

New permanent residence applications continue to be accepted

As per the updated instructions, the intake of new permanent residence applications will continue. Incomplete files due to the unavailability of documents will be retained within the system and reviewed in 90 days.

New, complete Canada PR applications will be processed as per the normal procedures, taking into consideration the additional processing guidance outlined.

If a new application is missing the required documentation, an explanation will have to be included along with the application stating that they were affected by service disruptions due to COVID-19 special measures.

The application might then “be promoted and reviewed in 90 days”.

If even after 60 days, the application is still incomplete, the officers could request for the missing documents providing an additional 90-day deadline.

Approved permanent residence applications

Permanent resident applicants that already have a Confirmation of Permanent Residence [COPR] or a Permanent Resident Visa [PRV] might inform IRCC – through a web form – if they are unable to travel within the validity of their documentation.

Applications will be assessed as per their individual circumstances.

Valid COPR and PRV require an explanatory note to be placed in the file as to the applicant being unable to travel. The file is to be brought forward before the expiration date of the PRV and COPR. In situations wherein the applicant informs IRCC that they can travel before the expiry of the COPR and PRV, they will be encouraged to land in Canada by making use of the same.

If, on the other hand, the applicant informs IRCC through the web form that they are either unable or unwilling to travel after the expiration of their COPR and PRV, or the applicant expresses inability or unwillingness to travel even before the expiration, officers are to re-open the application. This application is then to be brought forward, within 90 days, for review.

Re-opened applications

Approved applications in which the principal applicant has not become a Canada PR as yet can be re-opened by cancelling the PRV and COPR and the removal of the final decision.

A re-opened application might be re-approved when the applicant communicates to IRCC by a web form that they can travel. Provided, however, that the applicant, as well as family members [whether accompanying to Canada or not], have valid immigration medical examinations, passports, as well as security and criminal checks.

If the waiting period of 60 days has elapsed and the applicant has still not informed IRCC as to their being able to travel, a note should be placed in the application and the same should be brought forward for a review for another 60 days.

IRCC has issued revised guidelines in response to the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation. Canada has implemented various policies and regulations pertaining to travel and immigration that are applicable to new permanent residents to the country.

Canada immigration during the coronavirus pandemic might seem to be quite challenging to new Canada PR. Many might wonder as to the steps being taken by the Canadian government for addressing the situation.

IRCC has issued guidelines for Canada permanent resident applications that might be planning to arrive and settle down in Canada in the forthcoming months and might have faced the impact of COVID-19 special measures on their plans.

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