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Posted on July 22 2022

Indian degrees (BA, MA) to get equal weightage in the UK

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights about Indian degrees weightage in UK

  • Indian degrees to be considered equivalent with UK universities and will make them eligible for jobs.
  • 90% of Indian graduates have covered non-professional courses.
  • Indian nurses and mariners to get jobs in UK. Currently, 12% of seafarers are Indian, and 7% are Indian Ships. The government plans to increase the number of seafarers to 20%.

 MoU signed by Commerce secretary BVR Subrahmanyam

A MoU is getting signed to include certain Indian students' degrees like Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses are now considered equivalent with the UK which will make the students qualify for many jobs. Few professional degrees like architecture, engineering, medicine and pharmacy are excluded from MoUs.

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The MoU says Indian Senior Secondary School / Pre-University Certificates are treated suitable into the UK higher education institutions. The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will get signed by August 31 after the discussions are locked.

From now onwards, the Indian degrees as considered as equal to UK degrees. With those degree, the foreign applicants eligible for employment. With this step, 90% of foreign graduates will get benefited. The Bachelor and Masters degrees like BA, MA and Science graduates like BSc, MSc in India will be treated equivalent. Online courses will also be considered under this MoU.

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The MoU ensures a mutual acknowledgement of educational qualifications and length of study opted by students within duly approved and approved higher education universities in the two countries.

The India-UK FTA discussions to run till July 29 may end up in August. India expects to acquire market access to UK-manufactured medical devices, machinery, British apples, and legal services.

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Maritime Education MoU

The UK and India inscribed two MoUs on mutual acknowledgement of educational qualifications that includes maritime education and a framework agreement on healthcare work force. This aims to amplify the short term two-way and to promote mutual recognition of qualifications. The MoU agreement that is between the two parties is under Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP).

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The MoU on the nautical academies will ease the governments to mutually recognize the naval credentials and trainings, competency and affirmations of mariners issued by each other, which makes them qualified for employment on ships of both the parties.

Currently, 12% of mariners in the UK are Indians even though the total number of ships present is 7%. Government ideates to boost up the number of seafarers to 20%. A Framework on Healthcare workforce will aid the recruitment and teachings of nurses and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) from Indian by the UK in a up-to-date manner.

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Web Story: Indian degrees (BA, MA) to get equal weightage in the UK


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