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Posted on April 14 2020

Immigration will help Canada recover from COVID-19

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Canada continues to accept and process Canada permanent resident applications even amid coronavirus special measures. Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] draws continue to be held. 

Canada is taking various measures for accommodating immigrants despite COVID-19. Even with the travel ban in place till June 30, Canada has made certain exemptions. 

Immigration is necessary for Canada. With a declining birth rate and a significant portion of the workforce to retire in the coming years, the gap in the labour force in Canada is quite substantial. It is this gap in the labour force that immigration is required to fill. 

About a week prior to coronavirus special measures being put in place, the 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan was announced by Canada. In 2020, Canada plans on welcoming 341,000 new permanent residents. 

Immigration has many benefits for Canada, both for the short term as well as the long term. Facilitating immigration even during COVID-19 pandemic is necessary for the country.

In terms of short term benefit, permanent residents, international students, and foreign workers will assist in the stimulation of economic activity in Canada. This, in turn, will help in alleviating the economic strain that Canada is currently experiencing.

In the long term, immigrants can be expected to be the key for keeping Canada prosperous.  Immigrants in Canada will be spurring economic activity as consumers, workers, as well as taxpayers. 

Canada may well be the most open country across the world. 

Even with the travel ban in place, Canada seeks at striking a balance between taking measures for the containment of COVID-19 while at the same time enabling foreign nationals and global talent to gain entry to Canada. 

Canada does recognize the fact that newcomers are a part of the solution for supporting the Canadian economy in the current scenario.

Canada is indeed doing all it can to accommodate immigrants. 

Permanent residents can still travel to Canada. Those Canada PR that had received a Confirmation of Permanent Residence [COPR] before March 16 can also travel to Canada. 

International students are even being accommodated by the Canadian government. Certain international students are exempt from the travel ban. Some international students have been allowed to pursue their studies online while maintaining their eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit [PGWP].

If there is an extension of coronavirus containment measures in Canada, the September 2020 group of international students might also be allowed to access online courses while retaining their eligibility for the PGWP.

Temporary Foreign Workers [TFWs] are mostly exempt from the travel ban. There has also been introduced a flexibility in Labour Market Impact Assessment [LMIA]. LMIAs can temporarily be filed online as well.

Spousal immigration applications are also being accepted and processed.

Moreover, 10 occupations in the transportation and agri-food sectors are to have priority processing considering their importance in helping sustain the food supply in Canada.

Financial support to immigrants is also available. Irrespective of their immigration status – Canadian citizen, Canada PR, temporary foreign worker, or international student – immigrants in Canada may be eligible for income support by the government of Canada.

Canada is indeed holding true to its stance of being a welcoming country for all immigrants. 

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