Hotel Reservation Voucher No Longer Required to Visit France


Hotel Reservation Voucher not Required to Visit France

Eiffel Tower Now Has a New Glass Floor for the Visitors. Image Source: Shutterstock

France is fast amending the rules for tourists from all over, and especially for Indians. The new travel condition laid out by the French government abolish the need to show a hotel reservation voucher. Visitors coming to France only have to produce supporting documents as a proof of adequate funds.

A traveller has to show €120 (Approx. Rs. 10,000/-) per person per day and a steady bank balance for the last 3 months prior to the travel date.

“Just write the name of the hotel and its full address” said Vice-Consul Marc Salesse. Show adequate funds and  you are good to go to France to see mesmerizing Eiffel Tower in Paris. MarC Salesse further added that, “So a family of four travelling to France for a week would not need to produce reservation documents if they have about Rs 2,80,000 in their account.”

Addressing the travel agents in India, Marc told that more multiple-entry visas are being issued, compared to earlier, and the application success rate is almost 85%.

French minister Laurent Fabius in his visit to India ensured that from January, 2015, France will process tourist visas for Indians in less than 48 hours, and that the measures are already in place.

Source: Asian News Channel

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